Best Ace Hardware Paint

Ace Hardware has been known for years as just an alternative to Home Depot or any other hardware store. It’s great for carpets and paint, but its reputation has always kept it arm in arm with some of the higher-end competition. While Home Depot may be known for its carpets or lights, Ace has always had an edge in the paint department.

So what is the best Ace Hardware paint?

For years, Ace Hardware’s top-selling brand by far has been their own Ace brand paints, which are well-reviewed and considered among the best. That is, until recently, when Ace introduced Clark + Kensington to their lineup. Clark + Kensington is top-rated with Consumer Reports and well-liked by customers.

Ace Hardware Paint

This blog will explain why Clark + Kensington is the best paint  Ace Hardware has to offer as well as provide some tips for when you’re looking for what suits your home best. 

Best Ace Hardware Paint

For years, if you had asked anyone what the best Ace Hardware Paint was they’d inevitably answer you with one of two brands. Ace Hardware’s only brand is one of the main reasons customers prefer Ace over other home and gardening stores.

The second brand that was commonly hailed as the best was Benjamin Moore.  This was before the exciting news about Clark + Kensington.

Pros for Clark + Kensington


Clark + Kensington was introduced to Ace Hardware as something of an experiment to alleviate some of the issues customers had noted with the cost of some of the other paints. First of all, it’s a paint and a primer all-in-one, making it a much more affordable buy than its competition. 

Secondly, Ace Hardware owns Clark + Kensington, so they’re not buying it from a distributor. Owning the product allows Ace Hardware to sell it for considerably less in their stores than in others. 


As mentioned, Clark + Kensington is a combination of paint and primer, and while the concept and the cost were enough to sell most customers, the blend was a little bit of a concern. How could they guarantee, customers wondered, that both products would be up to the same standards that they would be separate?

Though it can be seen as a drawback, all paints have some kind of drawback, as customers have been happy with the results of the paint and primer left on their interior walls. 


There are other benefits that put concerns over the blend to rest, such as the fact that it’s entirely stain-proof. Most customers have heard similar promises over the years, and some of them last for a little while, but Clark + Kensington’s actually seems resilient enough to keep doing the job for years. Just a simple wipe with a cloth is all it should take. 

This is especially important if you’re buying white paint.

Friendly Dealers

Possibly one of the stranger things you’ll notice about customer reviews for this paint is that people are often especially complimentary of the “friendly dealers”. At first, it’s hard to understand. One assumes you just go in, pick up a can and take it to the cashier. 

But Clark + Kensington made sure they had professionals out there for the rollout. It was an experimental product, so trust and reassurance were critical. 

 It’s good to report the experiment paid off. The finish has been called excellent by many users, who have described the look it gives their walls as classy. 

Cons for Clark + Kensington

Unfortunately, though, every product does have its drawbacks, and there were several notable ones.

The first of which does have to do with the mixture, which some customers found entirely unnecessary. Perhaps it’s a matter of personal budget, but some people had no issue buying the items separately. The customers who recommended the product had no issue, so it may be just a matter of tradition. 


The other concern regarding the mixture is that some have noted that that paint is much thicker than other paints at Ace Hardware. This is due to it being a mixture, but it can be seen as an advantage. That added layer of thickness on your wall means an added layer of protection as well. 


Ace does promise that Clark is stain-proof, and as we mentioned that appears to hold water. This was an intentional bad choice of words, because as good as it is for stains, the paint is not all that water-resistant. Compared to products made to withstand harsh weather, its ratings are poor. 


Paints are usually spread with just one coat. A few need more than that. Unfortunately, Clark + Kensington is one paint that requires the most to get the proper spread. So it may take some getting used to, but the classy look it delivers appears to satisfy many. 

In all honesty, some people are far too resistant to the idea of a combination. One customer wrote that no paint and primer mixture would ever work for him, but he’d also mentioned that he’d never actually tried any such product. 

Tips for Buying Paint

There are a few things that can help you in your quest for the perfect interior paint. 

Know Your Finish

Choosing a finish for interior walls is all about self-expression. What do you want the room to say and how do you want it expressed? More importantly, what ways can you express it?

Flat finish: Only available with latex paint, flat finishes are often considered elegant. They are opaque, leaving a shiny finish. They’re usually preferred in bathrooms and kitchens. It should be mentioned that, if you have kids, keep them clear of the wall until it’s dry. The only way to remove fingerprints is to paint over them. 

Eggshell finish: The low luster of an eggshell finish is ideal for decorative areas of the home. 

Satin Finish: Satin finishes are the most popular option. It shines better than an eggshell and is much easier to keep clean. This is a great finish for doors, hallways, walls and woodwork.

No matter what color paint or brand you choose it’s important to pick one that will last and provide the proper look. Clark + Kensington may be a great option. 

There may be other options at other locations like Home Depot in New Jersey or in Long Island that suit your project better, however Ace Hardware has other paints that might work just as well as other stores.