Best Home Depot Carpet

The carpet of a room can say a lot, just as much if not more than a rug. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the popular styles of carpet, if Home Depot has them in stock and other tips for those in the market for new carpet. 

The best carpet that you’ll currently find at Home Depot is their twist pile carpet because of its combination of affordability and durability. However, Home Depot also has a wide range of other popular carpet styles available.

Home Depot Carpet

Whatever carpet style you choose, it’s sure to tie the room together far better than a simple rug.

Best Home Depot Carpet

So you’ve just arrived at your local Home Depot superstore (such as the ones in Long Island and New Jersey), but you don’t know which carpet will work best for you.

When shopping for the best Home Depot carpet, one can be overwhelmed just by the sheer number of carpets in stock. 400 distinct carpets can be hard to digest, but there are some popular options that never fail. Here are the most popular carpet styles currently in fashion. 

Twist Pile Carpet

Twist pile carpets are fairly new in terms of popularity, which has skyrocketed in the past two years. To explain what they are, it might help to think of your best pair of jeans and the things you love about them – the comfort, the look, the fact that you’ve had them for a decade, spilled God-knows-what on them and yet they still look as good as the day you got them. 

Twist pile carpets have that same reliability and resilience, not to mention comfort. They can handle whatever is dropped on them, are easy to clean and look fantastic. 

Their current popularity is easy to understand, as they are perfectly equipped to handle the modern-day stress of family life. Small children might spill juices and soda, drop food; dogs’ tails can be a hazard for beverages, or even just a simple accident of your own is an inescapable inevitability. A twist pile is ready for the mess you might make. 

The answer to how twist piles are assembled is in the name; yarn is twisted during the process of manufacturing one. The thin, dense pile of yarn is where it gets its name as well as the feeling that many describe as “barefoot.”

The fibers of the yarn are much coarser, but the ends are soft and tufted. The most desirable quality of a twist pile carpet is how incredibly easy it is to clean and maintain. Outside of any major stains, all one needs to do is vacuum twice a week to ensure it stays fresh. 

Home Depot offers several twist-style carpets online and in stores. 


The biggest trend of 2021 so far is carpets that do even more to avoid stains and damage. Stain-resistant carpets sound wonderful, but it’s virtually impossible to tell when it’s a selling point or just a marketing term. Many rugs that claim they are stain-resistant won’t actually stay that way, or even do much good fighting stains at all. 

Since you can’t just shove the carpet in the washing machine when something spills, stain-resistance is an underrated quality.

With stain-resistant carpets, careful attention should be paid to the material with which it’s made. Most carpet fibers are usually coated with some kind of stain-resistant chemical. Wool is not, however that’s because wool naturally resists most stains – things like Kool-Aid and condiments should be easy to clean. 

Wool is also naturally repellant to oils, which makes it an especially resilient material. The only downside to the product is that wool is the most expensive kind there is. 

Due to the cost, most people opt for nylon material, as nylon is known as the standard-bearer for stain resistance. While it may not be much good for repelling oils,  it also doesn’t attract them. 

A slight step low in both price and quality, polyester and olefin are both good at fighting oils, however, they also attract them, and they aren’t going to be able to keep all of them away. The reason people are willing to make this sacrifice is the significant drop in price. 

A newer, more attractive option has recently been put on the market known as Smartstrand, or triexta. The stain resistance is built right into the fiber, meaning it’ll never wear off over time. It’s green-friendly and great at fighting stains. It even resists mildew, because the material doesn’t absorb water. 

Home Depot does offer all of these options, including carpets that are at least 75 percent triexta.

Tips on Buying Carpet

Sometimes, being overwhelmed with concerns and worry about your carpet can lead to making more costly errors than usual. Here are some things to avoid when shopping for a carpet. 

Don’t Worry About The Weight

Face weight is an issue you will only hear discussed in carpeting. It refers to the total weight of the fibers of the carpet and excludes any of the backings. People often assume that because the face weight of a rug is more than the total weight, it must be of a higher quality. This does not take the twist, density and a number of other factors into account. 

In short, it’s more marketing talk that you really shouldn’t worry about much. 

Choose The Carpet That Suits You

The most important aspect of buying a new carpet is that it fits your lifestyle. If you have a lot of dogs and family, you likely need one that can handle a lot of foot traffic. If you’re a solitary individual, buying carpet may be more about personal choice and self-expression, with a heavy emphasis on practicality.

Whatever the case, it’s better to consider all options rather than rushing out and buying the first one you like. Remember that you’ll be living with the carpet for what will likely be a long time. Now that you’ve decided what carpet will work best for you, you may be interested in the best paint or fertilizer that Home Depot has available.