Best Home Depot Fertilizer

There are a lot of factors in what makes a fertilizer right for you. This blog will discuss the best ways to find out which lawn fertilizer is right for you as well as detail some of the better offerings from Home Depot. 

The best fertilizer you’ll find at Home Depot is Scott’s Fertilizer. This is, according to Home Depot’s customers, due to Scott’s excellent combination of value for money and performance when it comes to fertilizing your lawn.

Home Depot Fertilizer

You’ve no doubt had a neighbor that manages to keep a garden as green as God’s earth. It inspires almost a quiet rage – how could they possibly have managed to keep both their houseplants and grass looking so fresh and vibrant is beyond you. 

You try every year without success, it almost seems unfair. 

Best Home Depot Fertilizer

Home Depot carries countless products, including mounted lights, hardwood, and carpet, but most of those are easy to choose from. However, picking out fertilizer is often a little more complicated than getting any of these other products.

Lawn fertilization is not a complicated process, but it can be difficult to know which fertilizer is right for your lawn. Fortunately, there is some preparation you can do before going to the store to find the best Home Depot fertilizer. 

Test PH Level

The first step is to test the PH level of your lawn. If a soil’s PH is too high or too low, it can ruin the grass’ ability to produce nutrients and properly grow. If the PH level is below 5.5, the best option is fertilizers that contain lime. However, it is likely necessary to add gardening sulfur. 


How often you use fertilizer is going to depend on the type you buy. There are three main options available – time release, quick release and slow release – each with different schedules. They give you more control over your lawn’s size and growth, but following the schedules is critical to success. 

All-purpose fertilizers are also an option and should be applied every six to eight weeks, though that can be mitigated by having grass that remains semi-dormant for certain seasons. 

The Best Fertilizers At Home Depot

Here are the most popular fertilizers available at Home Depot. 

Scott’s Turf Builder

Scott’s is one of the best brands on the market by reputation, and no doubt that neighbor you’re so jealous of is using some to keep his plants rich with color and luscious. It’s known for helping plants grow and helping them stay green, while also keeping weeds away. The nutrients it provides your plants will help strengthen their roots in the ground. 

The faster release formula comes highly recommended. The only worry is overusing, and putting too much in one sitting can cause the grass to burn. 

One bag of Scott’s can fertilize up to 5,000 square feet of lawn, no matter what type of grass is planted. Scott’s is available at Home Depot locations, such as the superstores in Long Island and New Jersey

Vigoro Tomato and Vegetable Garden Plant Food

If you’re looking for a fertilizer that can really increase your tomato and other vegetable yields every year in your garden, Vigoro Tomato has the NPK ratio you’re looking for. The NPK ratio is the volume of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in any product. Vigoro’s NPK is 12-10-5, ideal for promoting the growth of fruits and vegetables. 

It’s a slow-release, so it will need to be watered right after it’s applied. It’s even useful at the end of the season, aiding plants that might otherwise have split or rotten ends.

Jack’s Classic All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food

Sometimes, your flower beds need special attention no matter how well you tend to them throughout the season. Jack’s is one of most highly-rated mineral fertilizers on the market, perfect for aiding flower plants, evergreens, bulbs, perennials, roses and shrubs.

With an NPK of 20-20-20, Jack’s slowly releases nutrients into the plants for up to four months to help them grow. And as long as the instructions are followed, there’s no risk of burning your plants. Jack’s is not sold at Home Depot, though many other retailers carry the product. 

Jobe’s Organics Flower & Rose Granular Fertilizer with Biozome

One can only imagine Jobe took his name from the 90’s sci-fi thriller The Lawnmower Man, as it’s not spelled as such in scripture. Like the product says, it’s primarily used to treat rose bushes and other flowers. With an NPK on the low-end, just 3-5-3, the product is reputed to improve the growth of your rose bushes, allowing them to reach their potential. 

It also aids soil conditions, making sure your plants can fight disease, keep pests away and survive drought.

Jobe’s Organics are carried at Home Depot and other locations. 

Dyna-Gro 719000 Grow 1 qt Plant Food, 1 Quart, 32 oz

Your indoor plants need just as much attention as your outdoor plants. Houseplants can wither if they’re not placed right or properly cared for, and that will include some fertilizer on occasion. Dyna-Gro takes care of any plant that can be considered indoor, including hydroponics. 

It’s NPK ratio is 7-9-5, and it also gives your plants important nutrients such as magnesium. This ensures healthier foliage throughout the blossom. 

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food, Flower & Vegetable, 8 lb

By far, the best fertilizer to improve vegetable growth is Osmocote. Formulated specifically for vegetables that need a little assistance, it will help ensure that both the roots and the top of the plant are durable and strong. 

There’s a lot of options at Home Depot for when you’re buying fertilizer. It makes a difference what kind of plants you’re looking to grow, what climate you live in and how often you’re going to apply the fertilizer to help them along. A lot of this can be decided by the type of plants, as what they require will vary. 

Whatever decision you make, Home Depot has a steady supply of fast-release, slow-release, and smart-release fertilizers that are well regarded in the gardening community. Oftentimes, the recommended brand is Scott’s, though others might be better for specific plants that need special care.