What’s The Best Home Depot In Atlanta?

Atlanta is one of the fastest-developing cities in America and is a central hub for trade and business. This means that there is a lot of development, new construction, and even more renovations going on. It’s not surprising that Home Depot supplies a huge portion of the building materials in Atlanta!

That being said, where is the best Home Depot store in Atlanta? Located just west of Decatur, Midtown Home Depot is the best Home Depot in Atlanta. Midtown Home Depot is a huge store that has almost everything you could possibly need and then some. The associates there are very friendly, and you’ll rarely find anything out of stock.

Midtown Home Depot

Although I try to stay away from the busy downtown area, work often brings me to downtown Atlanta or Decatur. If I have a construction or renovation job in the area, I almost always end up at the Midtown Home Depot. Simply put- it’s the best hardware store in Atlanta. In today’s post, I’ll show you exactly why! 

Why Midtown Home Depot Is The Best Home Depot In Atlanta

When Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank got fired from their job at a small hardware store, ended up in a small cafe, and wrote down the dream for their own hardware store, they had no idea that it would grow into the giant that Home Depot has become.

Over the course of four decades, Home Depot has grown into the nation’s largest hardware retailer and has a location in almost every major city in the United States. 

Not surprisingly, Home Depot’s biggest locations are by the biggest and fastest-developing cities. These places have a huge demand for lumber, tools, plants, and building materials. Therefore, the stores make darn sure that they never run out of anything! 

Atlanta is huge, and Home Depot has four separate locations in the area. On more than one occasion, though, I’ve gone out of my way and driven an extra 30 minutes in traffic just to visit my favorite Midtown store. 

Why…?” you may ask. Well, here are some of the ways this store has never let me down. 

They Have Newly-Implemented “Pro” Perks

If you own a small contracting business, then I strongly recommend that you check out Home Depot’s “Pro” membership. It’s a special membership designed for contractors that will give you perks and discounts not available to the average store-goer. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cheaper pricing on bulk materials.
  • Faster checkout time thanks to a dedicated Pro member line. 
  • Pro members-only parking directly in front of the building materials area. 
  • Access to specialized materials that you won’t find in the store. 
  • Discounts and promotions on the latest tools. 
  • Specialized customer service section for Pro members. 

Home Depot only recently created the program. As great as it is, I’ve definitely discovered that not all locations have caught on. I’ve been to my fair share of Home Depot locations that don’t give me the extra perks or service that I should be getting. 

However, the Midtown Home Depot always makes me feel like a VIP when I walk in. I’m in and out in a jiffy, the customer service is never lacking, returns are smooth and easy, and I always have a front-row parking spot so I don’t have to worry about somebody stealing stuff out of my truck while I’m parked on the far end of the lot. 

They Have A Great Flooring 

Some of my highest-paid flooring jobs come from Atlanta. I’ve done a number of small restaurants and luxurious homes, all of which called for the highest grade flooring. Thankfully, the Midtown Home Depot has always had everything in stock. The one time that I needed specialized flooring, I used my Pro membership and the associate was able to order me some premium maple engineered wood flooring for a high-end sushi restaurant. 

That being said, I did not find the same options when I checked at the Buckhead location. 

Their Associates Are Very Friendly 

I don’t know what it is, but the associates who work at the Midtown Home Depot are always (and I mean always) super friendly. In fact, any time I’m walking around, it’s like they can read my mind as they ask, “can I help you find something.” 

That means a lot to me because I’m not the type of guy who likes to make somebody go out of their way to help me. I will literally spend an hour walking in circles to avoid asking anybody for help, so Midtown’s associates are definitely one of the top reasons why it’s the most legit Home Depot in Atlanta.

They Always Have Deals

I’ll be the first to admit that Home Depot has developed a reputation for being expensive over the past year. However, it’s that way across the board, and I haven’t found a single hardware store that hasn’t at least doubled its lumber prices. That being said, Midtown Home Depot always makes up for it by offering deals. 

They always have this little box by the registers where they have discounted items like drill bits, saws, batteries, staples, screws, nails, paint rollers, and all of those little things that add up. Just the other day, I got a super nice set of Dewalt impact drill bits for $12 (they usually cost $25+)! 

They Have Lots Of Rental Trucks And Trailers Available

Usually, I don’t need to rent an extra trailer. However, every now and then I get called in to do a big job that requires a lot of materials. Thankfully, Midtown Home Depot has one of the largest selections of flatbed trailers I’ve ever seen at a Home Depot! Additionally, they never run out of rental trucks, which means that I’ve always got a reliable pickup if mine ever breaks down. 

How Late Is Midtown Home Depot Open? 

The Midtown Home Depot is typically open from 6am to 10pm every day, except for Sunday, when it’s open from 8am to 8pm. 


When I find a good hardware store, I tend to stick to it. At Midtown Home Depot, I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect, the staff are incredibly helpful, they’re never out of stock, and always have everything I need to get the job done. So, in my opinion, Midtown is the best Home Depot location in Atlanta, hands down!