Best Home Depot in NJ

New Jersey often gets the short end of the stick in public. It’s hard, living right across a river from what’s considered the greatest city in the world, but it’s not like New Jersey doesn’t have anything to offer. There’s nothing wrong with the beautiful garden state, even their Home Depots are fabulous. 

So which is the best Home Depot in NJ?

The Best Home Depot location in the state of New Jersey, by far, is the Superstore in Vauxhall, NJ. According to sources, it’s one of the largest locations in the country, like the Mall of America of Home Depots. There are plenty of features and interesting additions to the superstore.

New Jersey

This blog will discuss what it’s like to go into a Home Depot superstore like the one in Vauxhall, in the homes that one is opening nearer to you shortly. Or, one could go to New Jersey. The state is quite worth seeing.

Best Home Depot in NJ

Just like when we searched for the best Home Depot in Long Island, it wasn’t hard to find the best Home Depot in NJ, though Yelp wasn’t very useful. Y

elp can be overcrowded with people with political and personal agendas that have nothing to do with the services provided at the store. Nevertheless, bloggers have already taken to the web to gush about the location in Vauxhall, so let’s see what they’re saying. 


More than one blogger was overjoyed with the fact that their Home Depot now included a Dunkin’ Donuts.

It makes the shopping experience so much less of a hassle when you can multitask, or at least get a cup of coffee to pick you up during the process.  It’s also a fully equipped Dunkin’ Donuts, though everything is currently just to-go. 

We’re not at the point where Home Depot is an Ikea, with a full-fledged restaurant, but it’s a nice quick fix to keep your energy up. 


You’re going to need a lot of energy, as the Home Depot Superstore really earns its title. Fortunately, everything is a lot easier to find thanks to the increased space. Every model of every brand is displayed almost as if they were in a showroom, so they’re at least clearly displayed, with all functions apparent. 

Prepare yourself for sections you never thought existed previously.  Whole parts of the store are labeled based on brand, not product. So if you’re looking for a Dewalt power drill, you should be able to easily locate it. 

One of the most raved-about areas in the store is the ball-bearing storage aisle, where finding what you’re looking for has never been easier. The entire aisle is lined with cabinets, and you can easily from one to another properly compare bearings to ensure you’re getting the right one for the job. 

Other departments in the Superstore are expanded to include more luxury items that you wouldn’t find in other locations. 

Better still, if you have any trouble finding your way around, an entire section of the store is dedicated to customer service. So whether you’re lost, you have questions about an item or need help collecting the product, friendly staffers are always on hand to assist you.

Recently, Home Depot opened its first Superstore in the West. The Anaheim Hills Home Depot in  Orange County, CA is slightly smaller than the Eastern store, but it has all the same excellent features. 

Perhaps the most exciting feature at the Anaheim location is the miniature golf course near the Outdoor Furniture area. It’s perfect if you’re shopping with young children, who may get easily bored just following you around. It’s far better than a daycare or a ball pit because the child will get some exercise and maybe even practice. 

Currently, there’s no golf course for children at the location in Vauxhall, though if it catches on, it could be a likely addition. 

What To Get at Home Depot

Whatever Home Depot you opt to shop in, there are plenty of options that customers highly recommend over other hardware stores.  Outside of things like Behr white paint, which is the top-selling brand the retailer offers, there are a lot of handy, unexpected products that could make great gift ideas or your own personal use. 

Whether you’re looking for fertilizer, plywood, or a standing lamp, Home Depot likely has what you need.

Here’s what comes highly recommended:

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

You’ve probably seen these on Instagram and countless baking shows on television, but a KitchenAid is like a personal assistant in the kitchen that makes it easy to blend, mix and whip just about anything. The convenience is only half the selling point, it also makes cleaning easy. 

Lodge Enamelware Dutch Oven

If you or someone you know is a professional or amateur cook, they probably have one of these. If not, it’s a terrific gift for anyone interested in cooking fantastic meals in style. A lot of dutch ovens talk about their durability and strength, but Lodge’s certainly passes the test. 

Roku Streaming Stick

A lot of people are already yelling at the screen or making grumbling arguments in their heads about the superiority of Amazon Prime’s Firestick. Make no mistake, Amazon’s alternative is a really good piece of technology.

There haven’t been a lot of complaints about load times or its ability to behave nearly as well as an old cable box – with better options, of course. 

It’s understandable that it’s preferred, but how many complaints have you actually heard against Roku? 

Just because it’s a smaller brand does not mean it offers the same stellar features as its competition.  This is simply a case of name recognition winning over.  What’s more, Roku streaming sticks are slightly more affordable than Amazon’s option. 

There are a lot of Home Depots in NJ, but none quite match the size and comprehensiveness of a Superstore.  If there are any doubts in your mind, see for yourself, as Superstores are going to be slowly making their way across the United States in no time. There may even be one popping up in your hometown.