Best Home Depot Lights

When shopping for the best in carpets, hardware, wood, and items for DIY renovation projects, there’s really no better store than Home Depot. However, figuring out which lights they carry are best is often a bit of a challenge. In today’s blog post, I’ll go over some of the best Home Depot lights.

Some of the top-selling and most popular lights at Home Depot include the Wagon Wheel Chandelier, which is known for the warm atmosphere it lends a room and a dash of class.  Additionally, Home Depot’s LED track lighting is loved for its energy efficiency. 

Home Depot Lights

Instead, the lights at Home Depot are often simple, good-looking devices that are guaranteed to work well and illuminate whatever part of your home you want. This blog will tell you about the best lights that Home Depot has to offer, though we’ll focus on some rooms that are often ignored.

Best Home Depot Lights

When searching for the best Home Depot lights, there’s a lot of factors to consider (almost as many as when you’re buying a washing machine). The first task is even locating the lights section in the store. Home Depot is fairly easy to navigate, but it’s also a large area. You can ask an employee where to go, or just follow the signs, but it helps to think of a Home Depot as an unbuilt house. Its components are spread about the aisles.  

No two stores are exactly the same, though it’s easy to get the hang of the layout of a location. Since there’s no lighting project worth starting doesn’t begin in the living room, where most of the attention is drawn, it’s fitting to start there as well.

Living Room Lighting 

The living room is the centerpiece of any modern home. It’s much more than just where the television is located, the living room has always been the gathering spot of both dwellers and guests. Long ago, in England, they had proper drawing rooms to keep company. Today, it’s all about the living room. 

So naturally, it should look bright, clean and welcoming. This is why so many people prefer to have a simple ceiling fan at the top of the room, with some other lighting if necessary at all. Not only does it cut down on any excess heat in the summer months and provide a cool place to spend the afternoon, but the light it gives off fills the room warmly. 

You don’t want to focus on things like task lighting in a living room or have any intense focus on one specific area. It will make the room feel less inviting, as though there was still a part of it guests were unwelcome.

This is why, rather than just a ceiling fan, one could opt to really make the room stand out with a chandelier. Of course, it would require portable fans if you live in a warm climate, but a Wagon Wheel Chandelier from Home Depot might give the room a bit of class. There are equally appealing designs, such as the Sputnik, whose creativity makes it a unique standout. 

Whatever you do, you want to make sure that the lighting in your living room compliments the carpet.

The idea is to bring a little more character into your living room rather than have a standard, potentially boring fan. 

Bathroom Lighting

One of the most important aspects of a well-lit bathroom is vanity lighting. While the name may suggest something akin to the seven deadly sins, bathroom vanity lights deliver an exceptionally strong show. They’re simple and very easy to assemble, and what they offer is a lot more than illumination. 

For one thing, many women have commented that vanity lights have added a boost of self-esteem when looking at the mirror. It’s not just one gender, either, men have spoken of their ability to make it much clearer and noticeable when shaving. 

There’s something simply incandescent about the quality of vanity lighting in a bathroom that makes one take a step back and appreciate it. Your bathroom is the one space where, in the privacy of your own home, you can start your day making yourself look your best, and you’ll want the best lighting possible in which to do so. 

For this, Home Depot has many options that come in either one, two, three, four or more lights. Depending on the size of your bathroom, how many bulbs you may actually want shining will vary. For most bathrooms, between two and three is appropriate. 

For such a light, Home Depot’s Tatum 3-Light Vanity fixture is one of the best products available. Simple and elegant in its design, it provides just the right kind of lighting, with white, opal glass shade that perfectly compliments any soft-lit bathroom. If you want to get the most out of your personal grooming session while also giving guests a pleasant experience, look no further. 

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is where you’re going to have multiple forms, all for specific purposes. Task lighting is one of the hardest things to properly balance in a room without making it look discordant. For this, the best recommendation is to install Home Depot’s LED track lighting wherever you keep cutting boards and other areas where you’ll be handling cooking duties.

What to hang overhead, however, is a much more complicated question whose answer will be dictated by the rest of the room’s theme. You don’t want to overdo anything, and you never want more than three layers of light in any one space. 

Similar to chandeliers but more task-oriented, Home Depot’s supply of Pendant lights would go well over a kitchen island, setting an overall tone for the entire room. The most important thing in a kitchen, probably more than any other room in the house, is that you really do have one hundred percent visibility. 

There are a lot of options when you’re trying to properly light your home, much of which you won’t really have much of a grasp of until you do a minimum amount of research. If you want to show off a brand new coat of paint on your walls, you’ll need the right lighting.

Most people don’t think a lot about the lighting in a room, others devote their lives to it.