Best Home Depot Washing Machines

It can be difficult to get a washing machine you can depend on these days, but it’s amazing to think how far the technology has progressed. This post will discuss the most popular washing machines on the market, if you can get them at Home Depot and tips on buying them. 

The best washing machines available at Home Depot are those manufactured by Whirlpool. However, LG and Samsung’s washing machines are close contenders for second place, especially if you’re looking to follow the most recent smart home trends.

Home Depot Washing Machines

Purchasing a new washing machine is more than a home investment, it’s an investment in your entire lifestyle. You’re essentially buying a robot friend to help you look your best, and be able to get the most resilient stains out.

Best Home Depot Washing Machines

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re purchasing a washing machine. Of course, the first is the space in your home. Whether or not you have enough room for a top loader with a dryer next to it in a cramped apartment is a question you’ll have to decide for yourself. Obviously, it’s less of an issue in a house, but people sometimes still prefer the older way. 

Otherwise, the modern preference is the front loader, which can rest easy with a dryer in one column that really saves space. 

Like when you’re buying lights or any other electrical implement, getting the right washing machine is also a matter of safety.

Washers with a big drum are preferred for families. The drum is the part of the washing machine in which clothes are loaded, so it’s important to have a lot of space if you live with several people. 

In recent years, a popular trend in washing machines has been devices that are energy-efficient, and Whirlpool, LG and Samsung all have models that meet that description. After you know what type of washing machine you want, more specific selections will become apparent, such as cycle settings and smart features. 

Here are the best washing machines on the market now. 

Samsung WF45T6000AW 4.5 cubic ft. Front Load Washer with Vibration Reduction Technology+

Front-load machines have a reputation for being much gentler on your clothing. That’s why they’ve become so popular recently, not to mention the convenience of a swinging door and the space economy. 

The Samsung WF45T600AW is such a machine, as gentle on clothing as it is powerful at making clothes fresh. The Samsung has 10 preset cycles, six extra options and five different water temperatures. 

The machine also features a self-clean cycle, ensuring the drum is always fresh and ready to use. The self-clean is also a miracle worker when it comes to preventing mildew from building up over time. 

The one real downside of buying a Samsung is that, like most recent models, these machines have a bit of a learning curve. It’s not like your mom’s washing machine, where a few buttons and soap did the trick. It might take you some time to get used to playing with the settings so they get your clothes clean properly. 

Home Depot sells the Samsung WF45T600AW, as do many other retailers in North America. 

Whirlpool WTW7120HW 5.3 cubic ft. Smart White Top Load Washing Machine

The Whirlpool WTW712-HW is the king of the top loaders currently on the market. It’s incredibly easy to understand, which is somewhat surprising considering they have a whopping 36 wash styles to choose from. You’d think a machine with so many settings would have that learning curve mentioned earlier. It’s a relief that it’s so basic. 

Top loaders are supposed to be harsher on clothing, but the Whirlpool has an impeller plate built in the drum to ensure they shift around in the machine gently. The plate can also help keep balance when you’re loading in heavier items such as rugs. 

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the Whirlpool is its smart features. You can turn it on using your phone from anywhere in the house or even outside of it. The app requires a subscription, which is somewhat of an irritant, but the convenience is worthwhile. 

You’ll find this model in stock in the New Jersey Home Depot supercenter.

LG SIGNATURE WM9500HKA 5.8 cubic ft. HE Mega Capacity Smart Front Load Washer

If you’re looking for a front-loading machine that can handle a high capacity of laundry, look no further than the LG Signature WM9500HKA. This machine has the highest capacity on any machine currently sold, making it ideal for large families. 

It has been said the LG can take up to four week’s worth of a family’s laundry without trouble. The LG also features a steam function to help get rid of pesky stains and wrinkles. 

It should be mentioned that no machine that takes that much laundry is going to be small. Due to its high capacity, the LG is also one of the widest models out there – nearly 30 inches. That’s large enough to dissuade some customers. 

The Queens Home Depot carries this LG model, as well as many other models from the brand. 

Tips for Buying Washing Machines 

Before going to Home Depot to look at washing machines, it helps to have some idea of what the market looks like as well as what you want for your home. Here are a few things to consider. 

Size: As previously mentioned, top-loading machines tend to be narrower. This is an attractive option for both apartment dwellers and people who don’t want the machine taking up too much of their home. 

Drum: What the drum is made from is obviously very important, as they often are made of many different materials. Some are simply plastic, others are metal or stainless steel. Some options, like plastic and enamel, might be cheaper, but they also are more likely to break. 

Efficiency: An energy-efficient washing machine is not only better for the environment, it’s also going to save a lot of money on electricity bills. 

There are a lot of washing machine options at Home Depot, but only certain models are going to be ideal for your living situation. If you’ve found yourself a quality washing machine, you may also be interested in our articles about the best Home Depot paint and the best fertilizer available at their stores.