Best Home Depot White Paint

Look at any artist’s palate, and you’ll see a vast array of colors that they’re mixing to come up with the ideal blend that expresses what they are trying to say. The most important color, though, is the one that they use as the basis for all of them: white.

So what’s the best Home Depot white paint? The best Home Depot paint in white is Behr’s, as they are particularly lauded for their shades of white for sale at the store. Customers have spoken highly about the subtle but noticeable differences in each that give life to their rooms. 

Home Depot White Paint

This blog will go through the best Behr white paints available at Home Depot locations, such as those in Long Island or New Jersey, as well as talk about what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for such a subtly distinct color. 

Best Home Depot White Paint

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Home Depot and their customers choose Behr’s when asked what is the best Home Depot paint in white.

The corporation and its customers tend to have some loyalty to the brand, but it’s far from misguided. 

Before explaining the subtle differences between shades, it’s important to know what the Light-Reflective-Value (LRV) of paint is.  LRV measures the amount of light that is visible that reflects from a painted surface. To put it more simply, LRV measures the percentage of reflected light that a paint color reflects. 

The higher the LRV, the whiter the color. 

Here are some favorite shades of Behr’s white paint. 

Behr Ultra Pure White

Sometimes, you are just looking for real, authentic, pure white. The kind of white you only see in snowfall in Alaska. With an LRV of 94, it’s even said that it contains purer white than Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. 

It generally compliments other white colors of less intense shades best, though there’s room to experiment. One just has to realize that, with an LRV that high, applying it near very dark colors will be a little jarring. Though some people enjoy being contrarian in design. 

Behr Sleek White OR-W15

Sleek white is a color known for bringing a little warmth to a room. It’s often used in living rooms, where levity is meant to always be found. The 92 LRV is high, but there’s enough of a yellow undertone to be playful.  

It’s still very white, just not as white as pure white. Matching it with other colors can be a little bit difficult because the yellow undertone may be hard to find a partner for, though the colors found in quartz countertops seem to work well. A kitchen or dining room might be an ideal fit. 

Behr Swiss Coffee 12

One of Behr’s most popular whites, as you really can’t beat the way the color brings a room alive. It’s got a very neutral base to help keep things calm, but the off-white and subtle yellow is far more comfortable than the Sleek White. 

It usually is best paired with other muted, soft colors that can really ground the room. 

Behr Spun Cotton YL-W09

For some people’s tastes, we’re straying a little too far from actual white. Some people might even consider Spun Cotton too yellow to be considered for the list. With an LVR of 89, it still qualifies, and it’s a fascinating, playful color that can really give off some character. It’s an eccentric color, for more eccentric people. 

Tips for Buying White Paint

No matter what white paint you choose to purchase at Home Depot, there are some bits of advice that will arm you as a shopper with the knowledge necessary to make the ideal selection – and for the price you want. Here are some helpful tips about how to buy white paint. 

Understand Nuance

A classically trained or even an amateur artist would know that white is far more than just one hue, but you can’t expect everyone to really grasp the subtle differences. Not everyone has the eye for nuance, but there’s much to see if just look closely enough. 

One surefire way to help you tell the difference between some hard-to-tell colors is to place a white sheet of paper next to the paint. It will help bring out the more hidden colors. 

Note What Else Is In The Room

It matters what kind and what color furniture and decor you have in the room. Each item needs to properly compliment the overall color of the room.  The last thing you want is to have something that garishly stands out.  Rather, if you want to make an item a centerpiece, it’s more a matter of arrangement and lighting, it still needs to match the color well.  


Lighting plays a major factor in the atmosphere of a room. It’s why directors of photography are so vital to a film, they decide what lenses and lights will be used to properly make a room look like it belongs in either a film noir, a family drama or a horror movie. 

It’s also important to note that geography can affect light as well.  The lighting in a New York building is going to be grayer than, say, the light in an Arizona apartment.  So the light is both going to interact with the paint and it’s natural settings.  The best option is to blend the two. 

That Arizona apartment, for instance, would probably look best with a cool light color, and in fact often are painted in light shades of off-pink or very light white. It’s both for the look as well as the heat, as cooler colors are necessary in such climates. 

No matter what white paint you select at Home Depot, make sure that you’re happy with both the way it interacts with your room’s furniture as well as the natural setting of your home.  Much like selecting Home Depot carpet or fertilizer, take your time and do your research.

There are plenty of varieties of white paint, and it’s important to be able to distinguish between the most subtle of hues.