Can Home Depot Cut Pipe?

In order to get started on the next big home improvement project, all you need are some key supplies. Home Depot is an excellent place to get all the necessary materials, but they often don’t come in suitable sizes. If you already bought some pipes from the retailer, you might be wondering “Can Home Depot cut pipe?”

Home Depot can cut pipe, with most locations cutting and threading copper, galvanized (steel), black, PVC, and PEX pipes. Simply bring the pipes and the receipt to your nearest store, and one of their staff members should be able to cut and thread them for you.

Cut copper pipes

Read on to learn more about Home Depot’s pipe threading, including which pipes can be cut, what tools are available for rent or purchase, and how much it all costs.

Can Home Depot Cut Pipe – Yes

Know that almost any pipes can be cut and threaded at Home Depot if the materials were purchased there or ordered online. All you have to do is bring the pipe and the receipt to the plumbing section in-store, and a member of the Home Depot team will be able to assist you.

Most Home Depot locations offer assistance with pipe threading because it is a quite simple process for a qualified professional.

What Types of Pipes Does Home Depot Thread?

Before you bring the materials for cutting, you should know precisely which ones can be threaded at Home Depot, and those are:

  • PEX pipes,
  • PVC pipes,
  • Galvanized (steel) pipes,
  • Copper pipes,
  • Black pipes.

Keep in mind that some stores might thread all of these while others will cut only specific pipe types.

Where Can You Find Pipe Threading at the Home Depot Store?

Home Depots are typically huge stores, so finding a specific place that cuts pipes might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. In most cases, the plumbing section is frequently used for pipe threading. If that is not the case with your Home Depot store, checking out the Cutting Center might be worth a shot.

To avoid searching for the threading center once you’re already there, use the online store finder to get information about your local Home Depot. Furthermore, don’t forget to call your local branch in advance to see if they are capable of threading pipes and ask where exactly in a store you can do that.

A stack of blue and white pipes

How Much Does the Home Depot’s Pipe Threading Cost?

Typically, Home Depot employees will cut and thread three cuts per ten feet of pipe for free. Just remember, the pipe must be bought at Home Depot. If you purchased the material somewhere else, you would have to pay a little more.

In some stores, customers have also reported paying 10 cents per piece. However, these rates can vary depending on the pipe’s composition (some like galvanized ones are harder to cut,) the store’s particular policy, and the amount of threading required.

Can You Cut Pipes on Your Own at Home Depot?

Most of the stores have employees that will help you cut pipes. However, if the store is busy at the moment, you might have to wait for a while or do it yourself. With that in mind, some stores have self-serve cutting stations, providing you with all the right tools needed to cut the pipes.

A person cutting copper pipes with a pipe cutter

Can You Buy Tools to Thread Pipes?

You can get high-quality threading equipment in Home Depot stores or online. In case you are not improving your home and need a pipe threading service more often than not, owning cutting equipment might be the right choice.

The RIDGID corded power drive threading machine, for example, is top-rated equipment that costs around $1,410 and has 115-voltage and 700-watt power drives. If this is too steep of a price for you, there are some other, more affordable threaders whose prices start from $70. However, don’t forget to consult the Home Depot employees and check what tool will best fit your needs before buying anything.

Does Home Depot Have Pipe-Threading Tools That I Can Rent?

You might not want to spend a lot of money on professional cutting tools, so renting them is the next best option. Luckily, Home Depot offers its customers that option. You can rent a RIDGID corded power drive threading machine, use it for your home improvement project, and then return it without making a dent in your budget.

The Home Depot employees will establish the exact price at the store when you rent the machine, with the amount primarily depending on the duration of the rental. To learn how much you would have to pay for renting the threading equipment, check out the table below.

For four hours$23
Per day$33
Per week$132
Per four weeks$396

Besides having to pay the renting price, you also need to leave a $100 deposit in case the equipment gets damaged, lost, or you fail to return it on time.

Visit Home Depot and Don’t Worry About Pipe Cutting

As you can see, the employees at Home Depot will help you cut up the pipes you bought in-store or ordered online. They will thread cooper, black, galvanized, PVC, and PEX pipes for all of their customers. While only the first three treads are free, continuing to use the service is also quite affordable.

Just remember to check online beforehand if your local store cuts all types of pipes. If they don’t, there is undoubtedly a nearby Home Depot that does.