Can Home Depot Install Doors?

While you can install a door by yourself, it can be costly from a time and financial perspective. Professional companies provide this service with the additional issue of having to clean up, install, and find the right tools.

So can Home Depot install doors?

Home Depot can install doors. The cost is usually $125-150 per door, depending on the type of door you get. Home Depot has a team of experienced professionals who will take care of everything for you, from taking measurements to installing the new door.

We’ll explain the door installation process and hidden fees that could come with Home Depot’s service. We’ll explain how to install your door for the DIY aficionados. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if Home Depot’s door installation service is the best for you. 

Can Home Depot Install Doors?

Home Depot has a team of tradesmen that can help with opening doors. However, you’re going to have to pay them throughout the installation process. This can cost around $100-$125 on average per door. 

If any door needs to be swapped out, you’ll pay $15 for a removal fee. If this is your first time getting their service, try to budget accordingly. Multiple hidden costs have to be factored in. 

If the doors need any form of frame modification, you’ll have to pay around $75-$100. So a formula to calculate the final door cost would be:

  • $100 x (number of doors) + 15 x (number of doors need to be removed) = total cost

For example, let’s say you’ve had five doors that you wanted to be installed in your new home. And 2 of those doors needed to be replaced. So you would have to pay $500 (doors) + 30 (doors needed to be removed) = $530. 

How To Install a Door?

You can install doors on your own for those that are more DIY at heart. Here’s how:

First, take the time to prepare before getting an exterior door. Start by measuring the length and width of the door. Ensure that the door’s handle placement and swing direction are the exact sizes before buying a new door frame. 

When getting a door, you have to determine its “handedness.” To do so, stand towards the door frame and place your back alongside the hinges. Your door is left-handed if the doorknob’s hand is towards your left. 

And it’s right-handed if your doorknob is placed towards the right. Also look at its paint color. If it doesn’t match the other colors surrounding it, you can retrieve a new paint analysis in Home Depot’s stores.

Place the Door at the Center

Next, you’ll need to ensure that the door is properly centered. You’ll have to place the door against the door frame at this stage. With the help of the level, you can make sure the door is upright and ready to be screwed in.

Feel free to take your time when centering the door. You’ll want to make sure there are no miscalculations because it can make the door oversized or undersized. 

Once the door is placed in, use a drill machine to ensure that it stays locked in. The hinges need to be installed and secured. Apply caulk to finalize the process once you’ve rechecked the door’s stability. 

Benefits of Hiring Home Depot Installation Team

If this seems too difficult, you can get the help of Home Depot’s installation team. While it might be more expensive, you’ll be getting the best results. Here are some benefits you might experience: 


Let’s face it, installing doors by yourself is not an easy feat. Getting a professional will net a better return for its cost. They can keep the door properly centered and make sure it fits your home’s required specifications. 

Increased Security

Installing your door right keeps your house safe from threats appearing outside your property. A door installation specialist can also include security cameras for an additional price. With their skills and installation speed, you’ll have a safe and protected house within hours. 

Home Depot’s door specialists will check to see if the door is completely locked. Through multiple lock tests, you’ll have a door designed to keep intruders out and trusted guests in. 


If you live in colder climates, your door needs to be properly insulated. With Home Depot, they will minimize the amount of draughts to reduce the carbon footprint. 

For those with older homes, you’ll experience inefficient insulation. With the help of a professional, they can ensure that your doors are installed while making sure they’re painted properly. 


Home Depot provides a great service for door installation. While it’s easier than DIY methods, just make sure you have the money to pay the tradesmen. By doing so, you’ll have a streamlined way of getting beautiful doors added to your home.