Can Home Depot Look Up Receipts?

When buying something from Home Depot, there are times when you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Home Depot accounts for this, as its customer service and receipt process is designed for these scenarios. But can home depot look up receipts? 

Home Depot associates can look up receipts made by credit/debit card within 180 days. Home Depot Consumer Credit Card owners can have their transaction date stored for up to 1 year. This time frame starts during the date of purchase.

We’ll explain how Home Depot tracks its customer’s previous transaction history throughout this article. Plus, we’ll give insights on how to obtain your refund with a Home Depot associate. By the end, you’ll know how to track your receipt and get optimal results.  

Can Home Depot Look Up Receipts?

Home Depot has the ability to check your previous purchases from a 1 month to one-year time period.

This means that if you want to get a refund for some faulty equipment, they give you a month to do so. 

If needed, you can require duplicate receipt copies for personal records or buying a gift. Speak to the nearest store associate to receive a copy of your receipt. For optimal results, it’s best to do this when purchasing from the store. 

If not, you’ll have to go back to the store. Home Depot suggests that all of its customers keep their receipts until they are up. You can potentially receive store credit at a low rate. 

You can look up your previous transaction history on Home Depot’s website. Go to Home Depot’s homepage and find the “View My Purchases” button. For a full report, go to the “Purchase History” button that’s placed on the “My Account” page. 

The site allows you to filter your purchases based on the store name, PO name, order number, or item number found in the drop-down list.

To download a receipt, press “Order #.” If your product has an order number with the “H” on the beginning, it means it’s been purchased at the Home Depot Pro Desk

Orders marked with C or W are online orders. When you don’t see any words on their display, then it means you’ve bought a product from the non-Pro Desk. 

Go to “See Details” if you need to check the details of your purchases. This will tell you the order origin and total costs of the product. Once you have the details, you can keep them in your personal files. 

After receiving your previous purchase history, press “Export.” This will allow you to download your transactions into a CSV file. Alternatively, you can sync it with Quickbooks via the “Quickbooks Export” feature.  

When looking at your purchasing history, try to see the reason why you’re requesting a receipt. That way, you can tell the Home Depot associate the problem, and they can aid you in getting a proper refund.

Why Do I Need My Home Depot Receipt? 

Like most department stores, you’ll need a receipt if you want to obtain a refund. Home Depot Associates require a receipt to determine if a refund is possible. On the customer side, receipts are a good way to track their spending. 

In addition, Home Depot has a low price guarantee. This means you can have a price adjustment on certain products if you bring a verified receipt.

So always keep your receipts nearby to ensure you’re getting the best refund opportunities possible. 

What to Do If I Lost My Receipt? 

If you cannot find your receipt or gift card, Home Depot might be able to track your transaction in your system. If you purchased via cash, you could receive a store credit via gift card.

Home Depot can find your transaction in the system within the past 30 days for those who purchased via debit or credit card. 

Make sure that you take a government-issued photo ID when making a return. That way, the Home Depot associate can verify your identity when tracking your purchase. 

You’ll receive an order confirmation email for online buyers after completing a purchase. Treat this email as if it was a physical receipt. If you cannot find this email, speak to a Home Depot associate to resend the email. 


Home Depot allows its customers to look up their receipt history for up to 180-365 days. By having their official store card, you’ll have about a year to apply for a refund. Through their robust receipt tracking system, you’ll have more control over your transaction history.