Can Home Depot Match Sherwin Williams Paint?

Color matching is a great way to keep your favorite paint color or restore older ones. When done correctly, it can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. But you’re probably asking yourself, “Can Home Depot Match Sherwin Williams Paint?”

Home Depot can March Sherwin Williams paint by getting a paint sample. While it may not have the exact same color codes, Home Depot’s technology will give you a color that’s close enough. Bring the Sherwin Williams paint can to the Home Depot store for a proper analysis. 

We’ll show you how to match different paint brands and what paint types you should use for your home throughout this article. By the end, you’ll have the skills needed to utilize Home Depot’s paint matching technology. 

Can Home Depot Match Sherwin Williams Paint?

Home Depot can match with pretty much any paint brand.

Once a sample is taken, they will inspect the paint to see if they can find a matching paint option. If not, they’ll find the closet matching color available. 

But can Home Depot Match Sherwin Williams Paint? While it’s possible, you need to ensure you know what colors you’re looking for.

To start, grab the Sherwin Williams paint bucket and take off a small portion of the paint. Before going to Home Depot, make sure that the sample color matches your home project needs.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What colors am I trying to paint my drywall?
  • Are there any additional colors that need to be matched?
  • How many buckets of paint will I need?

You’ll find a more holistic approach to the matching process through these questions. By doing so, you’ll have the required painting needed to repaint a wall, restore a car’s appearance or make a new color pallet. 

When selecting paint for a project, it should be based on your preferences. Don’t get a new bucket of paint because of the brand. Instead, get one that will aid in restoring value to your home. 

Don’t keep your paint exposed to sunlight or near a furnace. The UV rays fade their pigment, and the heat speeds up color deterioration. 

Oil-based paints are viewed as mineral waste. You’ll have to follow specific procedures for correct disposal. Check the local painting regulations to help get the most out of the paint before it expires. 

Types of Paint

Before matching, it’s good to know what paint types are at your disposal. Here are the most common paint types that are available:


High gloss paints have the most shine and are the most durable, making them good for common areas with doors in the home (i.e., kitchen, living room, etc.). However, prep work is needed when using this paint. When used incorrectly, it will lead to imperfections. 


Eggshell paint is a versatile option because it reduces paint imperfections and has more durability than flat paint surfaces. These paints are great for low-mid traffic areas such as entryways and hallways. 


Matte has the least shine and requires fewer layers of paint coat to apply. While it has great coverage, it is the weakest in terms of durability. They’re best for areas with low traffic, such as ceilings and dining rooms. 


Satin is the most common paint form. They are easier to clean and have a velvet-like appearance. Because of this, they are good for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, laundry rooms, living rooms, etc. 


Semi-Gloss paints have a reflective and shiny appearance. They are used for rooms and windows that receive a lot of moisture (i.e., bathrooms, kitchens, etc.). Since it has a glossy appearance, paint imperfections will appear more than non-shiny paint. 

Why Should I Use Matched Paint?

The biggest reason why painters used color-matched paint is that it saves money. While you can use a Sherwin-based paint, you can find a cheaper brand and still get the color-matched to your preferences. That way, you can find the color you’re looking for. 

There are multiple ways to gather the paint sample used for matching. In fact, Sherwin Williams has an app that helps find unique colors. 

To use the app, take the photo of the paint you’re trying to match with, upload the photo to the app, and you’ll be matched with the manufacturer’s recommended colors. 


Overall, you can use paint matching for different brands. Make sure it has the color and type you’re looking for when doing so. That way, you can get the exact painting material needed for your next home project.