Can Home Depot Mix Paint?

If you want a custom-mixed color but aren’t sure how to make it yourself, you most likely want to know can Home Depot mix paint. Painting is tough, but professionals who know how to mix shades correctly can be of great assistance when it comes to it. Let’s see if The Home Depot offers this service.

The good news is that Home Depot can mix paint for customers. They offer mix and match options and can mix matte, satin, glossy, and other types of paint. You can also present them with a shade, and they’ll do a color match for you. You cannot buy custom-mixed paint online or return it.

Someone off-screen using a paint roller to paint a white wall blue
The Home Depot team can help you mix paint to get a custom color

Can Home Depot Mix Paint?

The Home Depot is a famous American retailer that specializes in home improvement. They sell everything from tools and construction materials to furniture and home decor. Additionally, they offer pipe cutting, tool renting, DIY workshops, and, most important to you – paint mixing.

You can take a custom color to Home Depot and ask them to match it. They’re also able to mix glossy, matte, and any other types of paint. They have a mix or match page, where you can choose from a large selection of colors.

You Can Get Paint Samples and Kits to Ensure You Choose the Right Color

Something that’s bound to be convenient and make your color choices easier is the Peel and Stick Color Samples and Swatches. In each pack, you get five colors in a similar shade, from the lightest to the darkest.

These peel and stick options are an excellent time and money saver when deciding which colors to use in your living room or bedroom.

Another helpful option is getting 8-ounce sample paint containers. With each sample, you can also choose whether it will be satin, glossy, matte, or any other type.

A range of color samples and swatches on a table
You can always get swatches and color samples at Home Depot

What Kind of Paint Can I Ask Them to Mix?

The Home Depot has an extensive range of paints and painting materials to choose from. Just some of the categories are:

  • Interior paints,
  • Exterior paint,
  • Concrete paints,
  • Exterior stains and sealers,
  • Spray paint,
  • Primers,
  • Interior wood stains and finishes,
  • Craft and art supplies.

You can also buy a range of paint tools, from rollers and brushes to buckets, mixers, paint sprayers and even tarp to cover the floors in case of interior painting.

What Kind of Paint Does The Home Depot Sell and Mix?

The types of paint you can choose and mix are:

  • Flat/Matte – these paints don’t have shine, are the least durable, but require fewer coats. They’re typically used on ceilings and minimal paint jobs,
  • Eggshell – these are slightly shinier than matte paints and more durable. Still, it’d be best to use them in rooms you don’t frequently stay in,
  • Low Luster – shinier than matte and eggshell paints, durable, and perfect for surfaces that need shine,
  • Semi-Gloss – these shiny, reflective paints are typically used on cabinets and shelves. They can stand daily washing and are highly durable,
  • Satin – these are most commonly used for interiors. They have a velvety sheen that makes brush strokes more visible but are suitable for any room,
  • Glossy – these are highly durable and shiny, best used in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re washable and stain-resistant,
  • High-Gloss – the shiniest of all paints and great for doors and trims.

Make sure to ask the workers for recommendations if you need some. They know all about the suitability of each paint type for various surfaces, which can be helpful when choosing the right one.

Will The Home Depot Color Match My Shades?

When you pick a color, you can take a sample to Home Depot, and they’ll mix shades until they perfectly match what you’ve brought in. Professionals know which colors can be combined, and it’s better to let them do it than spend a lot of money trying on your own.

A can of paint and a brush on a wooden floor, with a cat behind
You can choose from many paint options, from matte to high gloss

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mixing Paint at The Home Depot

You may have some questions regarding the rules and regulations of The Home Depot’s paint mixing service. Since they can mix and match, the question remains whether that’s something you could pick out and order online and if there’s a possibility of returning the items.

Can I Buy Custom-Mixed Paint Online?

You can purchase any can of ready paint online and either pick it up for free or have it shipped. What you cannot do is ask for custom-mixed paint and have it delivered to your doorstep since this process must be done in person.

It’s better to go to the store for a custom-mixed color because you may be dissatisfied with the shipped product. This way, you’ll be able to get the perfect shade when you go to the store and do the mixing in person.

Can I Return Custom-Mixed Paint?

You cannot return custom-mixed paints and colors because these are made to measure and impossible to resell in-store. Additionally, paint belongs to a sort of hazardous waste, which makes disposing of it more complicated than other things.

Closed paint cans on marble floor tiles
You can’t return custom-mixed paints to Home Depot

You Can Ask For Any Shade You Like at The Home Depot

Now that you know mixing paints at Home Depot is possible, remember the following: you cannot return custom-mixed colors or order them online. There are also various paints, from matte to high-gloss ones, and knowing which one to choose may be tough.

When choosing paints for your next home remodeling project, head to Home Depot, ask the experts for their opinions, and get either the sample 8-ounce paints or the Peel and Stick option. Whichever you choose, the workers at the store will help you get everything right.