Can You Return Ikea Without Receipt?

IKEA is a big retailer, and the company provides great customer service, including a refund when you want to return some of your purchases. But, whether can you return Ikea without a receipt is something you should know because everyone can be in a similar situation and lose an invoice or other proof of purchase. 

In some cases, you can return IKEA items without a receipt, and the company’s workers can easily trace your purchase if a debit card, credit card, or gift card were used. However, receipts may not be needed when applying for a refund when the product is clearly faulty. With the standard return policy, you have 90 days to validate returns of particular items.

Keep reading if you want to check how you can return new stuff without a valid invoice! I’ll show you what you can do to get rid of unwanted items from your home.

Can You Return IKEA Without Receipt – Check How Returns Work

The great thing about a company like IKEA is that having second thoughts and changing your mind is completely OK. That’s why they have an amazing return policy and other benefits for their Family members – free hot tea and coffee, extra returning time, and others. However, the trouble begins when a customer doesn’t have a valid receipt, right? 

Don’t panic! Go to the IKEA store where the purchase was made and bring the item you find unsuitable for your home’s interior, or you’ve just changed your mind. The transactions can easily be found with credit or debit cards. 

Can You Still Get a Refund at the IKEA Store?

There’s a scenario where you won’t be asked for a receipt or other proof of purchase – if the product is clearly defective. In that case, ensure you take some photos and go to the store’s returns department with the item in question. Most likely, you won’t need receipts at all, especially if you request an exchange instead of a refund. 

Which Items Aren’t Covered by Return Policy at IKEA

One of the great things about IKEA is that there are no lists of items you can’t return. So, whatever item you wish to replace or return from your home, it will be possible to do it. Just ensure the product qualifies for IKEA’s return policy. This means that items that are damaged by misuse surely won’t be refunded. 

However, there is one exception – the return period for mattresses is different. There’s no complete year of returning period. Instead, a customer gets a “Try it at home for 90 days” policy and a 25-years guarantee. In my opinion, it’s more than necessary to make sure if it’s suitable. Note that ”Try it at home” isn’t applicable for the following products:

  • Bed slats,
  • SULTAN bed bases,
  • Mattress pads.

Does IKEA Accept Any Other Proof Other Than a Receipt for a Successful Return? 

IKEA will accept any other proof of purchase other than the receipts when you want to exchange products. In fact, the refunds are possible if proofs include the following:

  • The credit card used for buying the product,
  • A bank statement with clear info of the transaction,
  • An order number when the product is bought online, 
  • A gift card number if it’s used to pay for that item.

Is There a Policy for No-Receipted Returns at IKEA?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about IKEA’s non-receipted returns. If you made an online purchase, then you can always print the order confirmation received at your email address. 

However, if it was an in-store one, then contacting their contact service is the best thing you can do. You get the necessary assistance with some other options available. One of the things you could be offered is refunding in the store credit form, and the amount of the refund will be the item’s least selling price.

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What Returning Methods You Can Take?

The return process is actually quite simple with IKEA, no matter if you purchased in-store or online via When you’re sure the items you wish to return or exchange meet IKEA’s return policy, you can choose from three returns options available for customers:

  • Return at Collection Point,
  • Return in-store,
  • Online return by CollectPlus.

How Long Do You Have to Return an Item Without a Receipt?

Buying stuff for your home is a tricky process because you can see how it fits in the whole interior only after the purchase. And only then do you know if you need to return it or not. However, some people just need more time to realize that some products have to be exchanged. 

That’s why IKEA gives its customers the possibility to exchange or return a product within 365 days. And it’s the same, whether you have receipts or not. Also, their service of returning assembled furniture brought many positive comments and reviews to the company. 

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What Can a Customer Do If IKEA Refuses to Refund Without a Receipt?

As you already may know, sometimes your return request could be rejected if there’s no valid invoice. However, you can always ask for an exchange of your item for store credit instead of a credit card refund or cash. Of course, this method won’t always work. And if it works, you sometimes won’t get a full refund. So, be aware of all scenarios you could run into and check the possible methods of returning a product:

MethodInfo and documents neededPossible
PhoneValid order confirmation and purchased product’s details
In-PersonAn order confirmation, and a valid ID
WebsiteCustomer’s personal info and the order number

With IKEA, Customers Have Moderate Returns Policy 

IKEA is a company that provides probably the best service when it comes to returning a product without a valid receipt. Not only can they trace the transaction, but your return request will probably be accepted if it’s not customer-induced damage. Also, the time window of the returning period of the whole year is a benefit you shouldn’t neglect.