Can You Return Lumber to Home Depot?

Home Depot is a great store to find everything you need. This also means that you can purchase lumber products such as fences, decks, shingles, plywood, and more. But, the real question is can you return lumber to Home Depot? It’s a legit question if you consider that buying lumber can be quite expensive.

Customers can return unused lumber to Home Depot within 90-days after purchase or delivery. Customers can make the returns via USPS with prepared valid proof of purchases. Home Depot will provide their customers with an online invoice or receipt that will ensure a possibility of a full refund when returning lumber.

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Keep reading if you want to find out more about returning lumber to Home Depot and what you need to prepare for a process like this. I’ve prepared a guide on how to do it effortlessly.

Make Sure You Know What Is Standard Home Depot’s Return Policy First

Like in most stores in the US, a customer has 90 days to return an item after the date of purchase to a store where it was bought. Home Depot’s return policy works in the same way. Of course, for some products, there’s a different policy – the following items you need to return within 30 days after the purchase or delivery:

  • Furniture,
  • Area rugs,
  • Mattresses,
  • Consumer electronics,
  • Generators,
  • Tractors, and gas-powered stuff.

However, since you’re not looking for anything other than lumber, watch the interesting video that can be a guide to lumber buying.

Can You Return Lumber to Home Depot – What’s the Best Way to Do It

If you’re dealing with the unused wood purchased from Home Depot, you can return it and have a full refund. So, the most important step in this whole process is to ensure the goods are not used at all. In other words, your refund will be denied if the lumber isn’t new and isn’t labeled with UPC (Universal Product Code).

Also, like for any purchase, you’ll need a valid proof of purchase – receipt or online invoice. That way, you can prove, you will also need your online invoice or receipt to prove your purchase at Home Depot.

Now that you know you can return unused lumber, it’s good to know that the return policy is the same for all lumber types. However, if you made an online purchase, you don’t need to go physically to the store if you don’t want to. Instead, you contact the customer service, and they will arrange a collection via UPS. However, you can always go to the store bringing the goods, valid ID, and receipt.

How Does the Receiving Refunds Process Work?

If you’re wondering how much time you have to return wood items, like lumber, know there’s a standard return policy of 90 days. However, if you made a purchase with a Home Depot credit card, like a Consumer Credit Card, you’ll have a whole year after the delivery or purchase date to return it. It’s one of the amazing credit perks. 

When it comes to the refunding methods, they will be processed as the original payment was. For example, if you bought lumber with cash, Home Depot will give you back the same amount of cash. The same goes when you’re paying with debit or credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discovery). Also, if you buy with Home Depot’s gift card or store credit, you’ll be refunded with your store credit.

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Can a Special Lumber Order Be Canceled?

Another benefit many people don’t realize is that you can cancel your custom-ordered lumber from Home Depot. You can do it up to 72 hours before the delivery day comes. And it stands for both online and in-store purchases. Also, you’ll have the possibility to cancel the whole purchase on only some parts. However, keep in mind that there could be a 15% restocking fee for canceling or returning special orders of lumber.

This policy stands for any special order you’ve made, and, more importantly, it’s applicable for all types of wood you can find in Home Depot. Let’s take a look at the wide range of lumber types they offer.

Lumber TypeReturnable
Framing and Structural Lumber
Appearance Boards
Pressure-Treated and Untreated Lumber
Decking and Fencing

What to Do If Your Lumber Arrives Damaged?

Returning goods with customer-induced damage will surely be turned down. It’s not just for lumber and Home Depot’s policy, but for all stores if there’s no additional insurance purchased. However, if you receive defective lumber – physically damaged or incomplete, you need to rectify the issue by contacting Home Depot’s customer service support. Note you have 30 days of delivery to do it.

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Check If You Can Return Cut Lumber

You probably have heard that at some stores, you can return the cut lumber. However, at Home Depot, it’s not possible. Not even if it’s sold by the foot and not by the board. This may sound strange, but it’s their policy. As a final try, you could call them and ensure there’s no circumstance under which you can return the cut lumber.

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What Happens If You Don’t Have a Receipt?

Like for any return you want to make, having a valid receipt is more than recommended. But, we also know that sometimes those pieces of paper can get lost somewhere in the home – if it’s not an online purchase, of course.

So, does losing a receipt mean you can’t return the wood to Home Depot? Absolutely not! The Home Depot’s workers can easily find your purchase in their system if you used a debit or credit card or a check.

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Whether You Make an Online or In-Store Purchase, Know How to Return Goods to Home Depot Without a Problem

Choosing a Home Depot as one of your first choices for buying lumber is more than a good choice. They have a wide range of wood, no matter if you prefer in-store or online buying. Also, providing an amazing return policy to their customers is precisely why they are one of most people’s first choices.