Does Home Depot Carry Paint?              

If you want to remodel your home or some of the rooms, you would want to visit a renowned retailer that sells quality merchandise, such as Home Depot. But does Home Depot carry paint?

Yes, Home Depot carries paint, but also all additional supplies, tools, and accessories required for the painting process. You can find plenty of different colors, color types and brands in their shops as well as at the online store. Behr and Glidden are the most popular paint brands you can find here.

Man and woman painting their home

The offer of paint is vast at Home Depot, so ensure to keep reading to find out more about what kind of paint you can buy here.

Yes, Home Depot Does Carry Paint – And Can Offer You a Wide Choice of It

As one of the biggest home improvement retailers in the US, Home Depot offers a variety of products, appliances, and even services. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll quickly find a paint (or more of them) which you like on their shelves and at an online store.

Moreover, if you don’t know upfront the exact color and brand you’re going to use, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choice you’ll be presented with.

When the time comes for your home to get a new look (or you want to improve the existing one), in Home Depot, you can find anything from interior and exterior to garage and deck paint. Home Depot also offers a variety of spray paints and art and craft supplies.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to get all additional supplies right at the spot! It comes as a significant convenience that you can also purchase all other painting supplies (brushes, rollers, cleaners) at the same place.       

Wall painted green

Base, Primer, White and Colored Paints – Home Depot Offers All You Need for Interior Painting

When it comes to indoor painting, Home Depot offers a wide variety of different brands, colors, and sheen options (from matte and eggshell to gloss). You can even learn more on their website about color schemes that mix the best for each of your rooms. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to buy the base separately as a foundation for making the right color.

Colored or neutral (white) topcoats are the finishing touch of the painting process, but remember that your walls need the proper preparation – and that’s where a primer comes along.

Primer purposes are vast (cover imperfections and stains, provide a good surface for the paint, and so on), and Home Depot offers them in both containers and spray canisters. White the suitable primer, your walls will look impeccable for a long time after you’re finished with them.

Paint can and painting roller

Home Depot Carries Paint for Other Surfaces, Not Just Walls

If you decide to renovate some other surfaces in your home, you’ll be happy to know that at Home Depot, you can also get:

  • Exterior paint,
  • Furniture paint,
  • Appliance paint,
  • Bathtub and tile paint,
  • Concrete paint,
  • Pool paint,
  • Automotive paint,
  • Roof paint
  • Front door paint, and the like.

Of course, if you’re interested in some particular type or brand of paint, ensure to contact your Home Depot store or order online.

Do Home Depot Mix Paint?

If you decide you need it, know that Home Depot offers an in-store mixing service. If you need a specific color and shade, you can let the professionals make it for you. However, remember that you need to be present during the process – ordering mixed paint online is not an option.

That’s just one of the services this retailer offers. Did you know that Home Depot can also help you find the right independent painters for the job on the Pro Referral marketplace (if you’re against DIY work)?

Sample Kits Will Ensure You Make No Mistake When Choosing Color For Your Home

Sometimes, you can’t be entirely sure about the exact color, shine, or shade you want until you see it in combination with other room elements. That is why Home Depot offers peel and stick color samples that are easy to apply, reposition and remove.

Their prices vary, depending on the brand, but they are usually not more expensive than a few dollars per piece. It is a better alternative than buying small cans of paints and painting the wall in order to determine the right color.

Roller painting the wall in blue

Choose From Behr, Glidden, and Other Popular Brands

Aside from choosing the right color, you should also think about the brand of paint you want to put your trust in. At Home Depot, you can find various brands, such as

  • Behr
  • Glidden
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Kilz
  • Wagner
  • Graco
  • Plastidip
  • Varathane
  • Wooster Pro
  • 3M

Each one of these brands has its benefits and disadvantages. Glidden paints, for example, are easy to apply, dry very quickly, and can be easily cleaned when dry, but they are lower quality than Behr ones.

Before opting for a specific brand, ensure to find out what its pros and cons are. Keep in mind that Home Depot mainly focuses on two of these brands – Behr and Glidden.

Behr Is Paint Brand That Can Be Found Only at Home Depot

Behr is a Home Depot house brand known for providing high-quality paint for affordable prices. As a house brand, it’s sold exclusively at this retailer. It offers a wide range of colors and finishes and has several different series. Their paints are very durable and easy to maintain after they dry.

Take a look at the table below and compare the characteristic of different Behr series (for this purpose, the chosen product is matte interior paint):

Paint Primer seriesBehr Premium PlusBehr Ultra Scuff DefenseBehr MarqueeBehr Dynasty
Number of required coats2211
DurabilityDurableDurable even in high-traffic areasDurable even in high-traffic areasSuperior durability
WashabilityWashableWashable and easy to cleanWashable and easy to cleanStain prevention capability
Coverage of space per one gallonSmall room (up to 400 sq ft)Small room (up to 400 sq ft)Small room (up to 400 sq ft)Small room (up to 400 sq ft)
Current cost per gallon$25.98$33.98$42.98$49.98

Home Depot Is the Best Retailer When You Want to Get Top Value for Your Money

As you can see, Home Depot offers limitless choices when it comes to pants. Do you need paints for your crafting? Are you planning renovation and decoration of your walls? Or do you need paint for concrete, garage floor, pool, and other similar surfaces? You’ll find them on Home Depot shelves and be able to get them for reasonable prices.