Does Home Depot Charge for Installation?

When you decide it’s the right time to get some new stuff for your places, like appliances and other household items, it’s good to know does Home Depot charge for installation. That way, you can plan your budget better and maybe save some bucks.

Home Depot charges for the installation of kitchen appliances, doors, flooring, and other similar stuff bought from them. This service includes transportation, unpacking, installation, along with removal and disposal of your older appliances.

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If you want to learn about the cost of installing different stuff ordered from Home Depot or whether it’s better to do it yourself, keep on reading!

How Much Does Home Depot Charge for Installation?

If you’re a homeowner like myself, who is looking to refurbish some of the rooms in their houses, then you’re probably wondering whether Home Depot can help you with installing all the things you bought there. No matter if you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or garage, there are some things you can’t do on your own. So, it’s completely normal to ask questions like will you need additional money to get an appliance or floor installed.

As you may already assume, there’s no one right answer to this question since installing different things will require more or less effort. This means you’ll need more or less money for the different services you want.

What Appliances Can Home Depot Install and at What Price?

When you’re looking for a trustworthy store where you can get appliances, you should also check whether the installation is considered and at what fee. Luckily, Home Depot provides the installation of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, electric/gas ranges, dryers, microwaves, and other small appliances.

You, as their customer, will be charged a fee of $25 for installation on the product price. However, know that before the installation process, Home Depot offers a free consultation that can help you decide where the best place for your appliance is. Then check the average installation fee for different appliances:

  • A dishwasher – $79,
  • Gas range or dryer – $19.99,
  • Refrigerators with a built-in ice maker, electric ranges, and electric dryers are free to install,
  • Other refrigerators and smaller kitchen appliances – $55-$195 per appliance,
  • Basic installation of a fridge, stove, microwave oven, and dishwasher collectively – $340-$605.
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Check How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dishwasher at Home Depot

When you order a dishwasher from Home Depot, it will cost $99 to install it in your house. However, if you spend more than $396 on a new dishwasher, know that delivery will be free. If, on the other hand, an appliance is under $396, count on an additional $59 for delivery expenses.

Depending on the features, you can find dishwashers on the market from $200 to $3,000. The cheapest one you can find at Home Depot costs $224, and the most expensive model is $3,370. So, if you take everything into count, from your budget to the dishwasher’s features you need, the biggest expense will actually be buying an appliance.

What Does a Total Cost Include of a New Dishwasher Installation

So, what do delivery and installation of appliances mean? The whole process consists of removing and disposing of your old dishwasher and then installing a new one by skilled professionals. And the best thing is that it’s more affordable than hiring a plumber. Not to mention you’ll probably lose a lot of your precious time until you find a reliable and skilled plumber you can actually trust with a completely new appliance. Also, think about the old machine and what you’ll do with it if not having Home Depot’s services.

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Is a Plumber or Electrician Necessary to Install a Dishwasher?

The electrician or plumber is needed only if you’re moving to a completely new place. It’s because the wiring needs to be installed properly. Otherwise, you can enjoy the professional service Home Depot offers you.

Of course, you can hire a plumber even if you’re changing a dishwasher. But, keep in mind that it’s a more expensive option because of their higher hourly rates. For example, having a plumber will cost you $50-$200 per hour, and counting it will need at least two hours to install a dishwasher.

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Will You Get Your Doors Installed By Home Depot Installers?

Home Depot can’t install your door. However, you’ll get the needed help with that task only if you bought them directly from Home Depot. So, how does it actually work? They are using their third-party insured installers. This means you should expect an additional fee for it.

Also, if you want their assistance and receive a quote, there will be some work to do for you as a customer. Prepare for some measuring, but also for another expense of $35 for having one of their professionals set up the measurement.

Another crucial factor that will affect the price is the model and type of door you want to be installed. Also, Home Depot includes your location and the complexity of the whole job. So, you should think wisely about what type of door suits your needs.

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Ensure You Know the Flooring Fee With Home Depot

This is precisely a service that completely depends on the time workers will need to finish the job. This means that the total cost will be different if you have a small room to cover and if there’s a need to cover a larger place. A small room can be done in a day, for example. However, if you have more than just one room, it will probably take more time and money.

So, if you want Home Depot to assist you with flooring, the only thing you have to do is choose one of the numerous top-quality flooring designs they offer the clients. The wide range of beautiful flooring ensures that everyone can find something that will suit their wants and needs. And another amazing benefit you’ll get at Home Depot if you let them do the flooring installation is installing a carpet completely free. Take a look at the prices of some floor types and the fees for installing them.

Flooring TypeMedian Installation FeeMedian Material Cost
Tile Flooring$6.50 per sqft$2 – $3.50 per sqft
Laminate Flooring$2 – $3 per sqft$1.50 per sqft
Hardwood Flooring$3 – $4 per sqft$2.50 – $4 per sqft
Vinyl Flooring$1 – $3 per sqft$1 – $3 per sqft
Carpet FlooringFree$1 – $4 per sqft

Get Your House Equipped With Home Depot’s Service

When people are looking for the best kitchen appliances selection and other household objects with outstanding delivery and installation, most of them think of Home Depot. I’ve been purchasing thighs from there for years and enjoying their services that made my life easier. So, take everything into consideration and have your place renovated like a pro, even at a price Home Depot is charging for it. It’s worth every penny.