Does Home Depot Have Curbside Pickup?

Since its creation in 1978, Home Depot has been a prime area for getting hardware tools. But it’s been challenging to buy on-site due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So you’re probably thinking, “Does Home Depot Have Curbside Pickup?”

Home Depot has Curbside pickup. Check out Home Depot’s website and use the Search Finder feature to find locations based on your state, city, address, zip code. If it works for your location, you can opt for Curbside Pickup to quickly get your goods.

We’ll explain how you can make the most out of Home Depot’s Curbside pickup throughout this article. We’ll even discuss what you should consider before opting for this service. That way, you’ll have the skills needed to get your needed tools on time.

Does Home Depot Have Curbside Pickup?

Does Home Depot Have Curbside Pickup? Go to the Home Depot website and create an account to start this feature. Start by clicking “My Account” and “Register” to initiate the Curbside Pickup functionality.

On the second page, you can choose either the personal account or the Pro Xtra account. After selecting one, you’ll be requested to provide more information. After entering your information, you’ll be prompted with Home Depot emails you can subscribe to. Skip them and click the “Continue Shopping” button. 

Before shopping, ensure the store address is synced with the correct store location. Now you can start shopping! 

Look through Home Depot’s multiple departments (Paint, Smart Home, Hardware) and see which tools you’ll need. Check the product description to determine the availability of the product. For some larger tools, they can only be sent by delivery. 

When you’ve found items that you like, press Add to Cart. This allows you to gather all of your needed shopping goods and get you onto the buying stage. If you want Curbside delivery, click the “Ship to Store” or “Store Pickup” for everything that’s on your shopping cart. 

After finding the tools you need, press the “Checkout” button. This will prompt you to enter payment and contact information. Always select “Curbside Store Pickup” to ensure your products arrive correctly.

Next, select “Place Your Order.” After the order is processed, you’ll receive a text or email notification stating that it’s ready. 

Once you’ve received the notification that your package is ready, you can go to the nearest Home Depot store. After entering the Home Depot store, park to the side and call the phone number presented to you via email or text. A staff member will ask for your ID before processing the order. 

After showing them your credentials, they will load your package onto the vehicle. On average, it takes a few hours to process a Home Depot order. However, the process can take a few days if a specific component needs to be mailed to the store. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are your order will be delayed. 

Benefits of Curbside Pickup


Curbside pickup helps add a layer of comfort for the customer. For instance, they can sit home and relax while waiting for their Home Depot equipment to arrive. This increased comfort helps them perform better on their projects due to their peace of mind. 


Curbside pickup gives the user faster results than shopping online and on-site shopping. It reduces the need to wait inside the store, allowing users to receive their desired tools at a quicker turnaround time. 


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Curbside Pickup is the safest way to obtain Home Depot tools. It allows the package delivery team to provide the necessary goods while still following WHO’s social distance rules. 

Reduced Shipping Costs

When shopping online, the buyer would usually pay shipping fees. But with Curbside pickup, you can get your desired products at fewer costs. This is an efficient tool for the frugal yet motivated shopper. 

Things to Consider

Planning Ahead

For Curbside Pickup you have to think beforehand. To get an order sent to the house, you must complete the form in the morning. You can contact them in smaller Home Depot stores and move up your time. 

Missing Products

When shopping online, you might not be able to obtain everything. There might be a product that you need that’s strictly sold on-site. Because of this, call up a Home Depot store by phone and determine if they have the specific product you’re looking for. 

Parking Spaces

When doing Home Depot’s Curbside pickup, you may notice you’re in a fully vacant parking lot. The current Curbside Pickup system doesn’t have virtual queueing or client arrival alerts, then customers will find themselves waiting for hours in the parking lot. 


To conclude, Home Depot does offer Curbside Pickup. This gives you the ability to get your tools without paying extra fees or waiting in line. So consider getting it if you require an efficient and safer form of shopping.