Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s?

Home Depot is one of the leading hardware retailers in the country that offers competitive prices for many services and products. All this is guaranteed to all regular customers, but does Home Depot price match Lowe’s? Since Lowe’s is a large and popular retailer, knowing the right answer to this question is surely important.

Home Depot does price match Lowe’s and other competitor companies with their Home Depot guaranteed low prices. A customer can request price matching whether it’s an in-store on online purchase, with some exceptions, of course. You can ask for a price match even after the purchase, within 30 after the item is bought.

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If you want to know more about Home Depot price matching, keep reading! I’ve found some things you surely need to be aware of.

Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s?

Since Home Depot is price matching Lowe’s, let’s check what that exactly means. For all in-store purchases, Home Depot will match any actual price that is lower at Lowe’s stores. However, in order to make Home Depot’s guaranteed low price possible, a customer has to be sure the product is equivalent and in stock at the competitor’s store.

You also need proof, but you can just show the printout, advertisement, or a photo. Home Depot will beat the competitor’s price by 10% if everything is in order. But do you really know the advantages and disadvantages of price matching? The table below features the most important ways the process can impact Home Depot and other retailers that offer it.

Increase of salesProfit margin could be reduced
Getting new customersPossibility of losing clients if price matching is not honored
Boost customer’s confidenceCompetitors could offer lower prices

Can You Expect a Price Match for Online Orders?

Yes, you can request price matching for online purchases, too. But, how does the Low Price Guarantee policy work for online purchases? It is actually quite straightforward, and it covers not only the cost of the stuff you bought but the shipping expenses too. And as it is for in-store purchase, the item must be available on the rival’s website in order to be delivered to the customer.

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What Are the Exceptions for Home Depot Price Match?

As you might assume, there are some exceptions you need to be aware of when planning to do some shopping time at a retailer like Home Depot. So, when you’re thinking about price matching, here’s what’s not covered:

  • Special and custom-ordered products,
  • Wholesale or volume discounts,
  • Refurbished, discount site or 3rd party items,
  • One-time-only and seasonal promotions, free offers and rebates,
  • Reconditioned and open-box items,
  • Sales taxes are not included,
  • Pricing from competitor’s misprint or typographical error,
  • Professional services like installation and labor costs,
  • Retail wholesalers’ membership-based pricing, like Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s.

Is It Possible to Combine Coupons With Price Match?

When you have Home Depot coupons, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use them for purchases and get price matching. However, you can always contact the Home Depot support center and double-check with them.

Is Price Marching Possible After the Purchase?

If you’re a new shopper, you need to get to know all the perks bigger retailers offer. Probably one of the greatest features customers get to enjoy at Home Depot is the 30-day price-matching promise. But what does that even mean?

You can basically price match every product bought from Home Depot within 30 days of the purchase. Of course, if you want a price match to be honored, you’ll need to have proof the product is available for a lower price at Lowe’s, and don’t forget to bring a valid receipt. And they will refund the difference after the purchase.

Will Home Depot Enable Price Matching on Black Friday?

You might be surprised as many stores won’t enable price match on Black Friday, but Home Depot will do it. So, when you find some amazing deals at Lowe’s on Black Friday, check with Home Depot because not only will they price match, but they will beat the price by 10%. Keep this in mind when the next Black Friday comes.

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Making the Best of Cost Comparisons at Home Depot

Shopping, as easy as it seems, will require some planning if you want to do it wisely. When you want to remodel your home or make some bigger changes, you surely will need to think about your finances too. So, knowing that Home Depot can match Lowe’s prices will help you in the whole process.