Does Home Depot Price Match?

In the United States, Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers. Since everyone always wants to pay the lowest price, it is essential to let you know about the Home Depot price match policy.

Home Depot does price match if you bring in an ad that shows a current lower price on an identical item in stock at Home Depot. Home Depot will match the better price. Showing validation is necessary; Home Depot does not honor this price change without providing proof.

People expect sales these days. Society has conditioned people to wait until items they want to go on sale. Everyone wants and expects significant discounts! Did you know that Home Depot is the 7th largest retail chain worldwide? In the United States, Home Depot is in the top third spot when it comes to the yearly revenue of retail chains.

Home Depot Price Match

The Home Depot supplies construction products, tools and supplies for small building jobs, plumbing, decorating, and gardening. When shopping for products, especially larger ones, everyone wants to get the best deal out there. And Home Depot understands this! 

Home Depot has a low price guarantee. For in-store purchases, the store will match a current lower price on a product. However, the sales associates don’t believe your word. 

Bring in an ad, a printout, a link, or a photo you took from the competitor as proof. The sales associate may also call the competitor to confirm the price before offering it to you.

When Home Depot says the items you want to price match must be identical to the competitor’s product, that means even the color and model must be the same.

Home Depot will price match their competitors for up to 30 days from the purchase date and refund you the difference. This option is a great deal and shows how confident Home Depot is about offering the lowest prices to its customers.

Another extra service that Home Depot offers is a price protection match for its customers. If you buy something that goes on sale within 30 days, you can return to the store with your receipt and get a refund for the difference.

Online Purchases

Home Depot has a Price Match Guarantee for online purchases too. It includes the price of the product plus the cost of shipping. The shipping costs are always factored in! In addition, the item must be available from the competitor and also be able to be shipped to the customer’s exact location.

To price match for online purchases, you need to use the live chat feature you can find here. The employee will take you step-by-step through the process.

In the past, Home Depot offered a 10% additional amount off the price if a customer found a lower price. However, this option is only available in Canada these days.

Does Home Depot Do Price Amazon Prices?

In 2021, Home Depot began price matching Amazon for items bought at When in-store, the store manager reserves the right to decide if they will honor these types of requests. 

Home Depot never price matches third-party sellers on Amazon, Amazon Prime prices, or Prime Day deals.

Do you know how to find out if Amazon is selling a product to a third party?

Follow these steps to figure it out!

  1. Find the product on
  2. Go to the purchase window. This window is where you see the features “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart.”
  3. Under the purchase buttons, see the “Sold by” information.
  4. To be able to price match with Home Depot, the product must be sold by

Top Products at Home Depot

According to statistics from 2020, the following are the global net sales from the Home Depot in a million USD.

  • Indoor garden 14,296
  • Appliances 11,860
  • Lumber 11,301
  • Tools 10,613
  • Paint 10, 057 (Learn all about if “Home Depot can color match here.”)
  • Plumbing 8,911

When people decide to do updates in their homes, they want to ensure they get the best bang for their buck. Finding the best prices is vital, and knowing that Home Depot ensures matching the best price they see on products helps customers build trust in this retail chain.

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