Does Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Old laptops and portable rechargeable batteries are hazardous for the environment. That is why, if you need to get rid of them, the best would be to recycle them. If you wonder does Home Depot recycles batteries and what kinds of batteries you came to the right place. Keep reading and find out where you can recycle batteries.

Does Home Depot recycle batteries? The answer is yes. Since 2022, Home Depot has partnered up with a Call2Recycle non-profit organization, allowing its customers to recycle environmentally harmful batteries free of charge.

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Still, even when recycling batteries, you need to follow certain rules, and not all Home Depot recycling bins accept all kinds of batteries. In this article, we will try to explain where you can recycle and under what conditions.

Why Is It Important to Recycle Batteries?

It is no secret that all batteries contain harmful chemicals such as mercury and cadmium. Those, when ingested, may be extremely harmful. That is why it is important to recycle all batteries, even if they are completely empty. Another important reason why it’s important to have stores such as Home Depot, which made it possible for people to recycle, is the fact that throwing away batteries is illegal in most of the states. Also, batteries contain chemicals and materials that can be truly useful. Chemicals such are lithium-ion, lead-acid, and cadmium are hard to mine in nature, so if recycled, they can be used again for the same purpose or something else.

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Does Home Depot Recycle Batteries? Yes and Here Are What Kinds

Before you decide to drop off some old batteries at Home Depot, you need to find out what kind of batteries your local Home Depot accepts. Go on the Home Depot website and type in your current address and see where you can dispose of hazardous waste. Just keep in mind that, as long as the battery is up to 11lb and 300 watt-hours, it can go to the bin. But in most cases, all stores accept batteries that are used in the following items:

  • Laptops,
  • Cell phones,
  • Digital cameras,
  • Cordless phones,
  • Remote control toys,
  • Cordless power tools,
  • Other portable electronics.

Is an Old AA Battery Good for Recycling At Home Depot?

The most commonly used batteries in a home are AA, and even though these can be dangerous when opened or swallowed, they don’t pose a threat to the environment more than any other garbage. Home Depot doesn’t accept AA batteries, but you can search nearby places that do accept them. Also, if you place these batteries in a recycle bin that is not meant for them, it can be extremely dangerous. Batteries can leak poisonous chemicals.

Try Not to Throw Alkaline Batteries in the Trash

No matter what type of alkaline batteries you have – if they are single-used, they can be thrown away in the trash. As we mentioned above, these single-use batteries are not illegal to be thrown away. Still, as we mentioned, these batteries can also leak and cause harm to the environment, so if possible, find a place where you can recycle them as well. For example, Batteries Plus is the store where you can take your old AA or any other kind of household batteries and recycle them free of charge. Only rechargeable alkaline batteries are acceptable in Call2Recycle spots.

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Where To Recycle Batteries At Home Depot

Most Home Depot stores now have a Call2Recycle drop-box – all you have to do is check if your nearest Home Depot has it as well. Once you determine that it has, you can take your batteries to the store. All you have to do is search for the drop-box and place your prepared batteries there. If you can not find it, ask a sales associate to point you to the spot.

How to Prepare Your Battery for Recycling?

As we mentioned before, batteries contain harmful chemicals, and their proper disposal is crucial because they can cause environmental damage. And it is the same with a recycling bin – if you drop your batteries in the wrong way, it may be dangerous. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly dispose of old rechargeable batteries.

Step 1Remove the battery from an electric device.
You don’t need to remove batteries from smartphones where that is not possible.
Step 2Cover the terminals with clear tape
Step 3Place batteries in a cardboard box or plastic box to prevent electricity from forming
Step 4Take your box and take it to the Home Depot.

Be Eco-Friendly and Dispose of All Your Batteries in a Proper Manner

As you can see, all batteries can be harmful to the environment, and if possible, try to recycle as many as you can. AA batteries can be thrown in the trash, but the better option is always to recycle. Place one plastic box in your garage or storage and put them all there until you collect enough for recycling. If you decide to keep your lithium batteries at home until you dispose of them, make sure you cover them with plastic wrap and keep them away from other chemicals or flammable materials. Lithium is a highly reactive element, so keeping it safe can be challenging. So to be safe and extra careful, don’t keep these batteries in your home. There are Home Depot stores almost everywhere – take them there and place them in a drop-box.