Does Home Depot Take Checks?

Purchasing in one of the leading home improvement stores surely makes you ask yourself – Does Home Depot take checks. Whether you’re planning on buying decorating supplies, high-quality tools, hardware, plumbing equipment, or gardening gear, you’ll surely spend a certain amount of cash. So, check how to manage your money best.

Home Depot takes business and personal checks for every in-store purchase. Customers’ are required to show how their ID and allow the checks to go through the store’s verification system – the TeleCheck. That way, the store will ensure none of the checks bounce.

A man filling out a check

When you realize that Home Depot is legit, you might start wondering what payment methods are available for customers, especially when planning on spending some money for a bigger DIY project at your house. If you want to know about this payment method and how it works at Home Depot, read on! I gather some important information you should be aware of.

Does Home Depot Take Checks?

If you’re not into contactless payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay, I have some good news for you. Home Depot accepts personal and business checks for in-store purchases. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some preparatory steps first.

In fact, if you opt to use checks in Home Depot stores, you need to provide a valid ID or driver’s license. Also, you should know that paying with a check won’t be possible for ship-to-store and in-store pickup orders and online purchases.

However, note that although business checks are one of the valid payment forms, there might be additional requirements. It all depends on the store’s policy. When you find the best Home Depot store near you, remember to check its payment policies first.

Which Checks You Can’t Use at Home Depot Stores

Although checks aren’t many people’s first choice, sometimes it’s the best paying solution. And once you know that you can use personal and business ones in Home Depot, there’s nothing to worry about. However, while there are many other checks people can use, the following ones, unfortunately, aren’t accepted at Home Depot stores:

  • Government checks,
  • Two-party personal checks,
  • Payroll checks,
  • Insurance settlement checks,
  • Tax checks,
  • 401(k) retirement checks.

How Does Check Payment Work at Home Depot

With numerous payment options available at Home Depot, you’ll get a great opportunity to manage your money according to your preferences. When it comes to payments with checks, you should know what to expect in Home Depot when using them.

When it comes to personal checks, there will be some filling out to do. Start with putting who the check is for (Home Depot) and the right date. Then insert the correct amount of the transaction and ensure you write the number in words, too. And the final step is to sign the check.

For business one, the process is pretty much the same. But, keep in mind that the signature on the check has to be the same as the one used for signing the account card. Also, confirm if two signatures are required ahead of the purchase.

Once you know how the whole process works, check some pros and cons of using this kind of payment and whether it’s the most suitable for you.

Easy and convenient to useSome businesses don’t accept personal checks
Won’t have to carry a large amount of moneyThere might be a service fee if too many checks are written
It’s safer to use them because they are traceableNeed to have minimum balance in the bank
You can mail them and not in personA bank could charge you a service fee if the balance is too low
Won’t have to pay the checks to cashYou can’t cash them in Home Depot stores

How Are Checks Verified at Home Depot

When using checks at Home Depot, know they’ll have to go through an electronic check – TeleCheck. It’s a third-party system that verifies customers’ checks through its database. This system will basically review all the info and inspect the validity of the check to see if there’s any risk.

What Happens If Your Check Is Denied?

Sometimes, of course, Home Depot may refuse a check after the TeleCheck review. In that case, customers can open a dispute directly with TeleCheck. It’s a step you shouldn’t avoid if you think there’s been an error. Also, request the full file review from TeleCheck. However, be aware that you will have to pay the purchase with alternative payment methods.

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Explore Other Payments Options at Home Depot

If you are not so much into check, there are other alternatives for paying for goods at Home Depot. So, what are the options? If you’re looking for faster methods, you can use Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa debit or credit to shop both online and in-store.

Don’t forget there’s a Home Depot credit card that customers can use as a payment method. If cash just isn’t an option, check some other cashless forms:

  • Home Depot gift cards,
  • PayPal,
  • Buy now pay later options with Klarna US and QuadPay.

Pay With Checks Like a Pro at Home Depot Stores

When you’re thinking about using those business or personal checks at Home Depot, prepare yourself first. Know exactly how many signatures you’ll need and other paperwork – valid ID or other identification documents. Also, don’t forget that your check has to go through TeleCheck verification in order to get approved.