Does Lowe’s Fill Propane Tanks?

Many people use propane tanks nowadays for numerous purposes, like cooking and heating or even camping. If you already have an empty tank that you’ve previously bought at Lowe’s, knowing the right answer to the question: ”Does Lowe’s fill propane tanks” is more than important. Here’s all you need to know about this service at Lowe’s stores.

Lowe’s doesn’t fill empty propane tanks. However, an exchange service allows customers to swap their old and empty propane tanks for refilled ones at a price of $19.97. Know that in exchange for dual valve tanks, Lowe’s offers the Blue Rhino propane tanks.

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I’ve gathered some interesting information about exchanging propane tanks services at Lowe’s, so keep reading to learn more.

Does Lowe’s Fill Propane Tanks and Exchange Them?

Although Lowe’s doesn’t fill empty propane tanks, you shouldn’t exclude it completely when wondering where to get a new full propane tank. In fact, here, you have an opportunity to exchange your empty propane tank for a full one or just buy a completely new tank.

However, the important thing to know is that many stores don’t have a refill option. Although it’s an easy and more financially beneficial option, it’s usually not available for obvious safety reasons.

But, when you’re already at Lowe’s, know which propane tanks you can get and at what price.

Worthington Cylinders$7.98
Worthington Pro Grade$229
Blue Rhino$20.98

Why Can’t You Refill Your Propane Tank at Lowe’s?

Even though you can exchange every dual-valve propane tank at Lowe’s, you still won’t be able to ask for a refill. It’s because the Lowe’s stores don’t have the right equipment for that. In fact, the place with a refill option must have suitable gear for filling propane gas at high pressures.

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Differences Between Exchanging and Refilling Tanks

The main difference between exchanging and refilling is surely the price tag. Although these two might seem like two separate services, refilling and exchanging propane tanks are very similar processes. In both cases, you have to go to the filling station with the empty tanks and leave with a full one. 

When it comes to refilling, you’ll always have the same tank that gets refilled once in a while. But, every time you’re exchanging, you’ll get a different tank. At Lowe’s, every tank is inspected, which means it’s safe and clean.

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Does Lowe’s fill propane tanks and exchange them? Know all the right answers and have a full propane tank without losing your precious time.Does Lowe’s fill propane tanks and exchange them? Know all the right answers and have a full propane tank without losing your precious time.

How Much Money You’ll Have to Prepare to Exchange Propane at Lowe’s Stores

As you can imagine, refills will cost less than exchange because you’ll be paying only for the propane. You’ll also get a newer and inspected tank when you exchange tanks. The exchange process at Lowe’s costs $19.97, but know that the price might be slightly different depending on your living region.

Consider common discounts and valid coupons you can find at Lowe’s that will lower the price of the whole process. That’s how you can pay for exchanging propane tanks at $12.97. Although it’s a bit more expensive than refilling, it’s still the safer option.

How Does the Exchanging Process Work?

If you’re used to online shopping, know that purchasing propane tanks online isn’t possible. And the reason is quite simple – there are federal restrictions that prevent tanks from being shipped via the post.

To ensure a hassle-free propane tank exchange, prepare and take your old tank to a Lowe’s store that sells them and ask for an exchange. You’ll receive an inspected and cleaned propane tank when you pay for the exchange. Be aware that the exchanged tank won’t be filled to its maximum capacity, but around 75%, and it will be ready to use.

Explore Other Stores Where Your Propane Tanks Can Be Filled

Of course, Lowe’s isn’t the only exchange station. Especially if you’re more into refilling than exchanging to save some money. You can check some of the following chain stores, besides numerous other hardware stores and local gas stations:

  • Costco,
  • Ace Hardware,
  • AmeriGas,
  • Tractor Supply,
  • U-Haul,
  • Ferrellgas.

Exchange Your Empty Propane Tank at Lowe’s

Customers can exchange any dual-valve propane tank at Lowe’s, but you need to know that you won’t be able to enjoy the refill services. So, if you don’t mind the exchange process, know that every Lowe’s store that sells propane tanks will be able to exchange your empty tank for a refilled one.