Does Lowe’s Install Doors?

Does Lowe’s install doors? It’s one of the most common questions when you’re planning to remodel your home and replace or improve your front door. Besides, of course, all the planning and budgeting you need to do as well. So, consider all the options at Lowe’s and do the thought research thoroughly.

Lowe’s does install doors, and almost all types of doors come into consideration. Lowe’s has independent and professional installers for both exterior and interior doors. This service also comes with some special financing options and a one-year warranty, so it could be just what you need.

A man installing a door handle

Dealing with your door project can be a more complicated process than you thought. That’s why I gathered some information you should know before hiring Lowe’s professional door installers.

Does Lowe’s Install Doors?

Shopping at Lowe’s when looking for a perfect door replacement will be a breeze. Not only because you’ll have a wide range of products to choose from but also because you can rely on a trustworthy installation process. Also, include a professional consultation about the best style and material for your front door.

Include All Factors and Plan Your Budget

Learning more about the price is surely one of the most important things about the whole process. The service will usually be from $30 to $50, and it depends on the door type, material, and style, with the price also including the labor cost and the measuring fee. With that in mind, check the following installation costs for the interior door.

Door typePre-hung doorSlab door
Solid core$160$80
Labor cost$199$120

What Exterior Door Types Can I Find at Lowe’s?

Replacing your door isn’t something you’ll do each month. In fact, you won’t do it every year, so when the right time comes, you need to think it through and make the right decision. That’s why Lowe’s is the best place for you. After all, they do have a wide range of exterior doors. So, here are some of the best sellers and their prices.

Front DoorPrice
Therma-Tru Benchmark$367
MMI Door$1,003.82
ReliaBilt Spotlights$1,063.28

How Long Will It Take to Replace the Front Door?

The average time to replace an exterior door is about five to six hours. In fact, you can easily make this project DIY with the help of a family member or friend, especially if you’ve done it before and already have some experience. So, from removing the old door and installing a new one, count on more or less six hours.

A man installing a door handle

Know All the Additional Expenses

When you decide to replace a door, you always need to include some unexpected expenses. Sometimes they are the simple changes you have to make, like painting a new entrance into the most suitable shade, but they can be more expensive as well. Here are some of the common additional costs:

  • Casing replaces – changing casing will cost you about $100, no matter if you’re doing it for aesthetics or just because it’s old and rotten.
  • Structural changes – this is the highest additional expense you need to have in mind. If the supporting walls need to be cut, then a new header has to be installed. Hiring a structural engineer will cost you about $150 per hour and count on an extra $100 per hour for plumbing, electrical, and drywall work.
  • New door frame – replacing the old frame is sometimes necessary because the new door doesn’t fit. The frameset will cost $7 to $16 per 1 sq ft.
  • Waterproof layer and sealing – protecting your home exterior from mold, moisture, and weather conditions is an important step, and this service at Lowe’s will add some extra costs, from $80 to $200.
  • Labor warranty – the one-year labor warranty will already be included on the final bill.
  • Door disposal – disposing of your old door is essential. Lowe’s service will cost you from $30 to $40.

Spare Your Time and Let the Professionals Do All the Hard Work

Having professional help from Lowe’s to replace your door will bring you many advantages and perks. Not only do you have a wide range of door types to choose from, but there’s also a one-year labor warranty that comes with their door installation package. So, if you’re not sure which is a better option, DIY or letting the professionals do it, know it’s always better to have experienced installers by your side.