Does Lowe’s Match Amazon Prices

If you’re preparing for a shopping trip, then you probably have that one question that needs to be answered: “does Lowe’s match Amazon?” Wanting to know this is completely normal since Amazon surely is the leading online retailer. So, will you be able to take advantage of low and competitive prices at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s prices match Amazon because there is the price promise scheme that Lowe’s follows. If a customer finds cheaper items on Amazon and can provide proof, Lowe’s can match the price for both online and in-store purchases and offer a better deal.

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Does Lowe’s Match Amazon Prices

Lowe’s is a well-known home improvement store chain where you can find a wide range of products and services. But, in order to keep their customers satisfied and gain new ones, Lowe’s is keeping its prices competitive. This means you’ll find Amazon price matching for in-store and online purchases, and you as a customer have the possibility to enjoy the low prices.

But, what advantages and disadvantages does Lowe’s have from this? Check the table below and see what the benefits and downsides are.

Lowe’s gets more reliable customersLowe’s can lose some customers if it does not honor the price match
Lowe’s increases salesPossible reduced profit margin
Customer’s confidence increasesAmazon might offer even lower prices

What Should You Do to Match Amazon Prices at Lowe’s

When you decide it’s time to do some home remodeling, you naturally go for some exploring and online searching for the best possible prices. And that’s how you end up wondering how to get the price matching at Lowe’s because you prefer its stores, for example.

Luckily, Lowe’s offers a price that matches its price promise, but only for the identical products at competitor retailers, like Amazon is. So, the item’s features have to be exactly the same, from quality, quantity, size, brand, and price.

But, what do you need to do in order to get the price matching? Don’t worry – you won’t have to lose much of your precious time. In fact, all you need to do is have some kind of proof, such as a screenshot or printout photo or advertisement. Also, you can use the Amazon app and ask a Lowe’s associate for a price match or go directly to the customer service desk.

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Can You Match Prices for an Online Purchase?

If you’re feeling more comfortable with the online purchase, don’t worry! You can also get your price match for Amazon when you’re on Lowe’s website. All you need to do is contact the customer care department, and the team will verify the lower prices at Amazon.

Once the price match is verified, the customer care team will proceed with helping you. They will assist you with the payment and arrange the most suitable delivery or collection option.

Is Matching Price Possible After Purchase?

What to do if you’ve already purchased something and you realize Amazon has the lower price? If you ask for the price match 30 days after the purchase, know that it will be possible to receive it.

At Lowe’s, this process is referred to as price adjustment. That means if you purchased a product at Lowe’s for $20 and on Amazon, it’s sold for $10, you need to show the proof to become eligible for a $10 refund.

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What Are the Exceptions?

Lowe’s will always verify the Amazon prices match and ensure they sell the items before consenting to a price match. However, Lowe’s price matching has some exceptions you should be aware of, including:

  • Discounts,
  • Competitor coupons,
  • Prime sales,
  • Promotional offers,
  • Out-of-stock items,
  • Refurbished products,
  • Third-party sellers on Amazon.

Shop Smart and Know the Price Match Policy at Lowe’s

Having the possibility to require a price match to Amazon should tell you a lot about Lowe’s and their customer care policy. In fact, you also have 30 days after the purchase to ask for a price match service. So, understand all the requirements and ask for the price match for the best shopping experience.