Does Lowe’s Price Match Best Buy

With numerous loyal customers, no wonder why Lowe’s offers a competitive prices match and price adjustment policy. But, does Lowe’s price match Best Buy and what’s the price adjustment in the second-largest home improvement retailer in general.

Lowe’s will price match Best Buy for most products that are identical to competitors’ lower-priced items. Just make sure the item is in stock and show the relevant proof to Lowe’s department, and once validated, you’ll be offered a price match.

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If you want to know how to best shop at Lowe’s and get the price matching, you’re at the right place.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Best Buy

Being in the industry for many years, Lowe’s has grown strong when it comes to engaging with its customers and their satisfaction. If you find a cheaper product at a competitor like Best Buy, you can always request a price matching at Lowe’s.

That way, both shoppers and Lowe’s will benefit – customers will have the wanted product at a lower price, and Lowe’s will get more loyal customers. So, don’t overthink it – ask for the price matching and have the best buy (no pun intended) at Lowe’s.

What Is the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee?

Best Buy, like Lowe’s, will do everything for the customer’s satisfaction – there’s a guaranteed price match for every item that qualifies. So, if the product is identical, in stock, and not on the exclusions list, check the following steps you need to do.

Find the qualifying productFind the suitable product
Chat and request a price matchVisit the Best Buy store and show them the proof directly

Know Everything About the Lowe’s Price Promise

Lowe’s price promise means that customers can ask the price match if there’s an identical item in stock at Best Buy and get it at a lower price. The price promise also includes the delivery of shipping cost. For example, if Best Buy sells an item at $30 with a $20 delivery fee, Lowe’s price match will be $50.

Is This Policy Applicable to Online Purchases?

Did you know that it’s also possible to get Lowe’s price match for an online purchase? All you need to do is contact Lowe’s customer care department and request the price match. Once you go through the request, their team will go through the whole process with you.

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Will Lowe’s Price Match Home Depot and Amazon?

Lowe’s will price match Home Depot and Amazon, as it would for most competitors. However, you need to know that Amazon won’t do the price matching like Home Depot would. So, if you find a product with a lower price, you can ask for the price match at Lowe’s with valid proof.

And the valid proof is basically every proof you find that proves a competitor has a lower price for the exact same item at Lowe’s. So, whether it’s a printout, screenshot on your phone, photo, or competitor’s app/website, know it will do just fine.

What Other Stores Will Lowe’s Price Match

The good news is that Lowe’s will accept price matches for all local stores that sell the same products as Lowe’s. So, if you find the same item in your local hardware store and at Lowe’s, you can request the price matching if the price is lower than at Lowe’s.

In other words, as long as Lowe’s can validate the physical ad or online ad on the competitors’ website, they should proceed with the price match. However, keep in mind that Lowe’s won’t price match the third-party and auction sites like Craigslist and eBay.

Be Aware of Some Exceptions

Lowe’s price matching policy does have some exceptions customers should be aware of. For example, you need to know that closeout sales and used products won’t be able to have Lowe’s price match. Check some other things that won’t be considered:

  • Installation labor,
  • Clearance,
  • Discontinued products,
  • Lumber,
  • Refurbished products,
  • Damaged items,
  • Competitor’s rebate offers,
  • Senior discounts,
  • Buy-one-get-one-free sales,
  • Sales tax promotions.

Everyday Competitive Prices Are Guaranteed

Best Buy is becoming more and more popular on the US market, and you shouldn’t be surprised that one of its biggest competitors – Lowe’s, also offers competitive prices. So, if you find an identical item at both retailers but the Best Buy has a lower price, you can ask for the price matching at Lowe’s. Just keep all the exclusions in mind and get the best price when shopping.