Does Lowes Sell Gift Cards

If you are a Lowes lover as much as I am, you probably wonder, does lowes sell gift cards. After all, sharing a shopping experience with someone who needs some home improvements or simply loves to start new craftsman projects is unique and useful. And that gift card from Lowes will certainly find its purpose no matter to whom you give it. But does Lowes have gift cards?

Lowes does have gift cards people can purchase and give to someone. The Lowes gift card works like any other card. You put money on it, and then you can buy things from the store in that amount.

Person paying for something with a card.

Aside from regular plastic gift cards, Lowes has other options you can explore. Let’s find out all there is to know about Lowes gift cards.

What Is Lowes Gift Card, and Where Can You Use It?

A Lowes gift card is like any other gift card. It comes in the form of a voucher that you can give to someone so that person can purchase things they need from that store. If you wish to give some friend or relative a gift card to start some home project, a Lowe’s gift card will do the trick. Once you buy a Lowes gift card, it will be easily redeemable in any Lowes store. The card never expires, and you can always reload the card to use it again. If you wish to reload the card, you can do it by visiting the customer service at any Lowes store.

There Are Two Options of Gift Cards You Can Choose From

Lowes offers forms of gift cards, digital and classic ones. You can order both online and send them to the person you wish to inform. The process is similar with both cards, and here is how you can purchase some:

Lowes E-giftPhysical Gift card
Step 1Customize your card or notCustomize your card or not
Step 2Enter the value, quantity, and messageEnter the value, quantity, and message
Step 3Enter recipient nameEnter recipient name
Step 4Enter recipient email addressEnter recipient address, phone number, zip code, and city
Step 5Make paymentProceed to payment

What Can You Buy With Lowes Gift Card?

If you receive a Lowes gift card, you can buy whatever you want at any Lowes store for that amount you have on the card. So from tools to plumbing materials, whatever you need at the moment can be purchased with that card. Here are some of the most common questions people have when it comes to Lowes gift cards and the answers to them:

  • Can you replace it with cash? The answer is no. Like with other gift cards, replacement with cash is not allowed as well as paying off any debt you have on your Lowes account.
  • How much money can you put on a Lowes gift card? The maximum amount of money a person can put on a card is $2,000, and this is also the maximum amount of money you can spend in one day with a single gift card at Lowes store.  
  • How to check how much money you have on the card? You can check your balance online on the Lowes website or go to the store at the customer service desk and ask them to tell you the current balance.
  • How much will a Lowes gift card cost? Lowes gift card in physical form costs somewhere between $20 to $2,000 depending on the amount you put on it. For e-gifts, the starting price is $10. And keep in mind that Lowes doesn’t charge any fee for purchasing gift cards.

Does Lowes Sell Gift Cards Other Than Lowes?

If you wish to buy some other gift cards, such as Buffalo Wild Wings or Starbucks, you can purchase them at Lowes. Lowes has more than 130 prepaid gift cards from other companies, and you can buy them at the store. You will not pay any additional fee if you purchase these gift cards at Lowes. The only thing you can not buy at Lowes with a Lowes Gift card is these third-party gift cards available there. Here are some of the third-party gift cards you can buy at Lowes:

  • Applebee’s,
  • Olive Garden,
  • Outback Steakhouse,
  • Papa John’s,
  • The Cheesecake Factory.

Why Are Gift Cards So Popular?

Finding a perfect gift for someone can be daunting and exhausting, especially if that person is tricky when it comes to presents. That is why gift cards are so popular. You put money there, and that person can easily buy whatever they want. Gift cards are especially useful with stores that are so specific, like Lowes. Here you can find anything you need for a home project, which, let’s face it, can be difficult to purchase from someone else. Lowes gift cards can even be found on Amazon and eBay for a reasonable price of $25, and since the card never expires and can be refiled as many times as you wish, it can be a good way to put a certain amount of money on the side for that project you plan to see through someday.