Does Lowe’s Offer Warranty for Craftsman Products?

People of various interests, from machines to woodworkers, always loved Craftsman tools, and one of their most significant advantages was their lifetime warranty. If you plan on buying these expensive tools, you must be wondering, does Lowe’s offer a warranty for Craftsman products?

According to Lowe’s company policy, their stores honor Craftsman warranty – the only complication is that tools must be available at their store. This is why they recommend calling Craftsman Customer Care if you plan on changing some specific part, and they can check if they currently have it in stock.

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This doesn’t have to be a big issue, but customers never imagined that this problem might occur once they bought these tools. For the price they paid, customers always expected Lowe’s to honor the Craftsman warranty.

Does Lowe’s Offer Warranty for Craftsman Products?

Lately, people started to notice that Lowe’s was not honoring the Craftsman warranty, which upset many customers and made them confused and disappointed. For example, after the closing of local Sears stores, a customer who tried to get a replacement of a Craftsman tool at Lowe’s was denied. The explanation for this case was that he couldn’t get a replacement because his tool wasn’t bought at Lowe’s.

The ability to get a replacement of a broken Craftsman tool at Lowe’s actually depends on a few different factors – you can learn more about them from the following table:

The length of the warrantyIf the warranty is still in effect, you should be able to exchange the product of a broken tool at Lowe’s.
Lowe’s needs to have specific items in stockIf you want to exchange some specific tools that are damaged, you need to check if Lowe’s has that item in stock – if they don’t, they wouldn’t be able to replace it.
Different stores can be includedIf you check the first Lowe’s store only to find out that they don’t have a specific tool, you can keep looking for it at other stores and get it replaced somewhere else.

One of the essential things to acknowledge is that if you bought your tools at Sears, Lowe’s Craftsman warranty wouldn’t apply. This is because Sears Craftsman products aren’t the same as the Lowe’s Craftsman products.

Some specific electronic tools, tape tools, measuring tools, and hand tools that Lowe’s sells also have limited lifetime warranties, so make sure you check all the information before buying any of these as well.

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What Are the Benefits of the Craftsman Warranty?

If you ever got a chance to look at the Craftsman official website, you might as well have noticed something pretty spectacular there. Most people get impressed by their warranty policy. For Craftsman tools, it is said that they are backed with one of the strongest warranties on the market today.

Their official website provides warranty information for different kinds of tools – mechanics tools, hand tools, power tools, garage and storage products, and a special section for outdoor equipment. Once you find a specific tool on their website and click on it, a specific link for that product will take you to the information about it. This information should reveal if there is a full lifetime warranty on the tool or not.

For example, this is typical for hand tools. If some of the hand tools fail to perform as expected, no matter the reason, the product will be replaced. You don’t even need proof of purchase, which is another great advantage. In case some of the purchased products get damaged, the customer may return them to a “stocking Retail Partner” such as Lowe’s, or they can contact Customer Care for additional information.

Some Products Don’t Feature a Lifetime Warranty

Unfortunately, some types of tools and specific Craftsman products don’t feature a lifetime warranty. One of the examples of this is the tools chest category. The Craftsman 2000 Series 10-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet, for example, only features a warranty limited to 10 years. The Craftsman 1000 Series 4-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet, on the other hand, only offers a three-year limited warranty.

Ensure You Check Information for a Specific Product You’re Buying

It is important that you check information for the specific product before making any final decisions and buying an expensive set of tools. This is also the reason why customers need to check if Lowe’s honors the warranty. It is essential for customers to pay attention to the warranty’s length, as it is not important if tools were bought from Sears, Lowe’s, or Craftsman directly. In most cases, you’ll get the warranty, but its length might depend on the type of product you bought and where you purchased it.