How Much is Home Depot Wood?

Many of us continue to focus on home improvement projects as the pandemic stretches on, and you might be wondering how the recent decrease in raw lumber prices has affected the costs of your renovations.

So how much is Home Depot wood? Home Depot’s wood prices vary according to the lumber type, quality and quantity. For a standard 8’ board, treated 2x4s are currently priced at just over $6 each for Hemlock Fir. Polymer coated 2x4s are going for around $22 for each 8’ length.

Home Depot carries a wide selection of framing, deck and finishing boards in various sizes and qualities.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the prices of Home Depot’s wood products and how you can save money when purchasing your project’s lumber. We’ll also talk about recent lumber price fluctuations in the forestry industry and how they have affected Home Depot pricing.

How Much is Home Depot Wood?

Home Depot has a wide variety of lumber options for your home renovation project. Let’s take a look at some of the wood choices you can consider and how they will hit your pocketbook.

First, we’ll take a closer look at the options in pressure-treated lumber suitable for contact with the ground (weather, rot and insect resistant).

Lumber Size 2xBoard length (ft)Width (in)Price (approx)Features
Hemlock Fir 84$6.20Pressure-treated/Ground Contact
Hemlock Fir 86$9.20Pressure-treated/Ground Contact
Hemlock Fir #2812$19.80Pressure-treated/Ground Contact
Hemlock Fir #2106$11.80Pressure-treated/Ground Contact
Hemlock Fir #2164$13.00Pressure-treated/Ground Contact

Home Depot also carries a variety of specialized lumber for your projects that require dimensions or quantities outside of the standard 2x format. Here is a look at sample pricing for additional wood products at Home Depot:

Lumber Size/TypeBoard length (ft)Width (in)Price (approx)Features
2×4 Premium 3-pack44$34.50Pressure-treated/Ground Contact
2×6 Hemlock Fir #266$6.90Pressure-treated/Decking Board
2×6 Polymer Coated86$30.30Pressure-treated/Black #2 SYP
4×4 Douglas Fir124$22.50#2 and better FSC Green
1×6 Douglas Fir46$8.30Pressure-treated/Above Ground
5/4 in Pine 3-pack46$35.70Pressure-treated/Premium Decking

If your construction project involves above-ground framing or decking, here are more options for Home Depot pricing on dimensional lumber. 

Wood ProductBoard length (ft)Width (in)Price (approx)Features
2×4 Douglas Fir164$7.00Prime Standard and Better
2×4 Cedar84$16.30Premium S4S
2×4 Southern Yellow Pine44$2.90Premium
2×4 Red Cedar Decking64$13.00Western Red Cedar Decking
5/4 in Oiled Oak (7-bundle)66$193.00Thermally-Treated 4-Sides Decking

Do You Know the Type, Quality and Dimensions?

Each project is different and careful planning will help to relieve over-spending and frustration during the purchasing process. After designing the measurements for your project carefully, there are other aspects of your lumber costs you will need to consider:

  • Wood treatment – pressure-treated or untreated, coated or uncoated?
  • Wood type – Hemlock Fir, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Oak, Pine, Walnut
  • Wood grade – first-grade cuts or #2?

With these preliminary decisions made, you’ll now need to think about:

  • Calculated board length – how many board feet are required?
  • Specialty wood products – plywood, finishing, engineered boards, fencing boards, decking lattice 
  • Unique board characteristics – weathered board, reclaimed wood, special-use hardwood, tongue & groove

Have You Looked at Saving Money?

Home Depot has several ways you can save money on your lumber purchases. Let’s look at a couple of things you’ll want to consider:

  • Bulk Ordering – is your project large enough to warrant bulk pricing? Some boards can be purchased in pre-packs or at large-volume discounts.
  • Pro Discounts – have you registered for Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program, where you’ll enjoy pricing advantages and expert project quotation assistance?
  • Seconds – can your project accommodate lesser-grade products and take advantage of discounts on damaged goods?

Rollercoaster Lumber Prices

Lumber prices have been a wild ride for the last couple of years. Coinciding with the pandemic, we’ve seen wood prices skyrocket, settle down, increase again, and now, hopefully, they have settled once again. Take a look at the fluctuations in pricing noted for one thousand board feet to see how difficult project costing has been:

  • Spring 2020 under $300
  • Fall 2020 increased to $1,000, then settled down to $500
  • Spring 2021 up again with a high of $1,600 
  • Summer 2021 settled down to just under $500

Home Depot has a wide selection of wood product choices for your home renovation projects. With some preplanning and considering the information we’re reviewed, you’re in good shape for successful completion on budget.