How Is Home Depot Carpet?

Shopping for carpet is never easy, especially since you’re bound to have whatever carpet you choose for a long time. If you’re in a rush to get your hands on quality carpet, you may be considering running down to your local Home Depot.

But how is Home Depot carpet? Home Depot’s carpet is of medium quality and can’t be compared to the quality of high-end carpet companies. However, while the quality of the Home Depot carpet may be relatively average, the company is known for the skill and speed of its carpet installers.

Home Depot Carpet

The following guide will go over the various types of carpet that Home Depot has available as well as its quality. We acknowledge that availability and quality can vary depending on your state/location.

To make sure that our data is relevant, we’ve done plenty of research across a wide range of geographical locations.

Is Home Depot Carpet Good Quality?

Much like when choosing between types of flooring, this will greatly depend on which carpet you choose along with its weight and density. Home Depot offers over 400 varieties of carpet so your options aren’t exactly limited.

Nylon carpet 

Currently, the most popular carpet on the market, as it is quite hardy and friction-resistant. It does hold up well when you spill your coffee though. Unless coated with something stain-resistant, it can get discolored easily. This is one of Home Depot’s better quality carpets.

Wool/Acrylic carpet

Wool and acrylic carpets tend to be a little more expensive because of the expertise that goes into making them. They are favored because they are eco-friendly, stain-resistant, and friction-resistant. These are some of the best carpets available, though they can’t exactly compare to those available from professional carpet makers.

Olefin carpet

Known to be resistant to moisture and mold, this is a great carpet for areas around the exterior of your home or in more humid climates. While this material is stronger than nylon, it’s a little less comfy to walk on. Home Depot’s olefin carpet is of middling quality.

To determine your carpet’s quality, always read the label to determine which fabrics are used in its construction. Obviously, you’ll want the majority of material in a wool carpet to be wool, and the same for a nylon carpet.

Weight is a good way to determine if you’re getting your hands on a quality carpet. If a carpet is heavier, that means that the weave is denser and that it’s built to last. On the other hand, a thinner carpet will likely start breaking down after a smaller amount of use.

Is Home Depot Cheaper For Carpet?

The pricing for carpet at Home Depot will vary depending on your style choice, thickness, and material. Home Depot themselves estimate that the price range varies from 1-4 dollars per square foot. This would mean that a 10 x 10 room would cost you between 100-400 dollars. 

You also need to keep in mind that no room is perfect. You might need an extra bit of carpet for both the width and length. So for a 10 x 10 room, you may need 120 square feet of carpet or more.

The carpet also requires installation and padding. Thankfully Home Depot offers free installation but the padding will still cost you. Home Depot estimates the pricing range of padding to be between 60 cents and 1 dollar per square foot. 

At the end of the day, this means that our hypothetical 10×10 square foot room may end up costing you a maximum of $720 to fully furnish with a carpet, though that’s assuming you get the best padding and the best carpet available.

If you decide to opt for a dedicated carpet company, the lowest prices you can find for carpet are usually about 75 cents per square foot while the highest prices can be up to 25 dollars per square foot. Unlike Home Depot, there’s no guarantee that installation will be free if you opt for a different company.

Therefore though Home Depot doesn’t offer the absolute cheapest option, it is still quite cost-effective when you factor in the installation cost. 

Note: Free installation only applies to purchases of about 500 dollars and over therefore smaller jobs could incur an installation cost. 

Also, if you have a quote from another company for carpet and installation, they will match the items as closely as possible and charge you 10% less. So even if it is of slightly lower quality, you can always get a more cost-effective end product from Home Depot.

Home Depot Carpet Installation And Replacement

As previously mentioned, Home Depot offers free carpet installation for orders over a certain price. The installation will typically take place between 5-7 days after dimensions are taken. 

They can charge you for taking the measurements but this cost will be credited towards your final carpet purchase. Installation does not cover glue down carpeting, prep, or additional labor. It also doesn’t apply to third-story rooms.

Carpets purchased in Home depot frequently come with a lifetime warranty. Through this guarantee, Home Depot assures the client that if the carpet is stained and the stain cannot be removed by professional cleaners, they will replace it for you. However, this includes only some food and beverages and excludes most of the common items that are likely to stain your carpet. 

As for wear and tear, the warranty only covers residential applications with the exclusion of rental properties. They will replace the carpet if 10% of the fiber has been lost, however, this only applies if it happens through normal use in a suitable area and not from heavy furniture or improper cleaning.


Even though Home Depot may not have the best carpet in the world, it is of relatively average quality for an excellent price, not to mention that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If you want the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to go wrong with Home Depot carpeting.