How Is Home Depot Paint? Should You Buy Paint From Home Depot?

Maybe you need to repaint your kitchen walls or your old exterior paint is chipping and cracking. Whatever the case may be, repainting your home is a fun and creative project that most homeowners can do with limited materials. Thankfully Home Depot has everything you need to get the job done, no matter how big or small your project may be. The only question is, “How is Home Depot’s Paint?”

Home Depot has an excellent selection of professional-grade paint. The pricing is competitive, you can request paint samples, match colors, and even request custom colors. Home Depot offers a wide range of exterior and interior paints designed for almost any material you can think of. 

Home Depot Paint

I’ve done a number of home projects using paint from Home Depot and I’ve also used them to supply paint for some of my professional painting jobs as well. In both cases, my experience was satisfactory. So, after receiving this question a number of times, I decided to put together a brief article about Home Depot’s paint selection and answer some other common paint-related questions. Check it out! 

How Does Home Depot’s Paint Selection Compare To Other Paint Suppliers?

When it comes to their paint selection, Home Depot is about as legit as it gets. For starters, they offer four of the top-rated paint brands on the market and offer bulk paint as well as individual gallons. This means that no matter what the job or personal project is, you’ll be able to get it done with the right paint.

They have exterior paints, interior paints, self-leveling paints, spray paints, stains, paints for metal, paints for wood, and paints for drywall. They also offer almost any type of prep material you could think of, including:

  • Sandpaper, power sanders, and electric sanders. 
  • Liquid sandpaper. 
  • Mineral spirits, xylene, and denatured alcohol. 
  • Sealants, caulk and caulk guns. 
  • Trip removal tools. 
  • Plastic covers and canvas tarps. 
  • Respirator masks. 
  • Stir sticks. 
  • 5-gallon buckets. 
  • Brushes, rollers, and electric/pneumatic paint sprayers. 
  • Full-body paint suits. 
  • …and more! 

The list could go on forever, as they’re always adding new tools and materials. Whatever you could possibly need for your painting project, they’ve got it. 

This means that they have a major advantage over traditional paint stores like Sherwin Williams or Spectrum Paint. With those stores, you’ll often have to buy the paint and then go to a separate hardware store to buy all of your other painting materials. This means more time wasted and less money earned. 

Does Home Depot Provide Paint Color Matching? 

Yes! In addition to just selling paint, the Home Depot paint professionals are able to match specific colors and can even formulate custom colors. They’ll also provide you with all of the samples that you need, so you can take them home and compare/contrast them to make sure you’re making the right choice. 

The only problem that I’ve found with going to Home Depot compared to a traditional paint supplier, is that they’re often busy. This means that you may experience a longer than usual wait time if the store you visit only has one or two employees working in the paint section if you’re looking for custom colors or color matching. However, aside from this one caveat, I’ve had no issues with them. 

Is Home Depot Paint Expensive? 

If you read my recent article on why Home Depot’s building material prices have skyrocketed, then you’re probably wondering if they’re still a good place to buy your paint from. Thankfully, Home Depot’s paint prices haven’t been affected nearly as much as their lumber prices. 

Although the price of paint has increased incrementally due to pandemic-related inflation and a higher demand for paint, they haven’t tripled or quadrupled the way that lumber prices have. This means that it’s still relatively affordable to repaint your bedroom or kitchen. 

Compared to other paint suppliers, Home Depot is still a good deal. Most of their paints are available for around the same price as you’ll pay at somewhere like Sherwin Williams. This goes for both single gallons and larger 5-gallon buckets of paint as well. 

Save On Bulk Paint With Home Depot Pro

If you’re a professional painter and you own a small painting business, then you may want to consider signing up for Home Depot Pro. This is a recent “club” that they’ve launched to cater to their professional business-owning members. 

As a Home Depot Pro member, you’ll get the following deals and membership perks:

  • Special members-only parking (no more parking on the far end of the lot). 
  • Special members-only checkout and service center (faster paint matching, customer service, and checkout). 
  • Discounts when you purchase bulk orders of paint and/or painting supplies. 
  • Emailed deals and specials. 
  • And more! 

At first, I thought it was a bit overrated. However, after using my Home Depot Pro membership for almost a year now, I have to admit that it’s saved me hundreds of dollars! If you do more than $5,000 per month worth of jobs, the membership more than pays for itself. 

What Brands Does Home Depot Carry

Home Depot carries the following popular brands of paint: 

  • Behr
  • Glidden
  • PPG
  • Rust-Oleum 

Can You Return Home Depot Paint? 

Let’s just say that you ordered a gallon of paint and it didn’t turn out the way that you wanted it to or the color just wasn’t what you hoped it would be… 

Thankfully, Home Depot has a paint satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return it within 30 days of the purchase or delivery date.

The policy excludes user errors such as improper application, using the wrong tools, or spillage. However, if your issue is with the paint itself, Home Depot will take care of you by improving the tint/color of the paint or replacing it entirely. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Paint? 

Generally speaking, I prefer to order my paint in-store, as it allows me to match specific colors and look at color swatches. However, if I’m in a rush or I just need a basic color, then I’ll order online. Simply select your paint product, the color you want, order it online, and they’ll deliver it directly to your home or the job site you’re working at! They’ll also deliver any other painting materials that you may need. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a home project or a professional painting job to do, Home Depot is an excellent place to source not only your paint but all of your materials as well. They’ve got the premium (and basic) paint options, provide color matching and tinting, have a 30-day return policy, and offer great customer service. What more can you ask for?