How Much is Home Depot Sod?

Sod is grass gathered into a large roll and it is held together by the grass roots and a layer of soil. In British and Australian English, this is also known as turf. The amount of sod you need depends on the area you wish to have covered in grass, so the cost of Home Depot sod depends on the size of that area.

The price of Home Depot sod ranges from approximately $0.89 per square foot to $0.60 per square foot. The cost per square foot depends on how much sod is being purchased. Sod cost per square foot decreases when purchased in larger amounts.


However, there’s a bit more to know about the cost of Home Depot’s sod than just the price. In this guide, we’ll break down the factors that influence the cost of the sod as well as a few additional details about it.

How Much is Home Depot Sod?

The price per square foot of Home Depot sod changes with the amount purchased. For 500 square feet of sod, the cost is approximately $0.89 per square foot. Purchasing 750 square feet will be approximately $0.74 per square foot while 1,000 square feet is about $0.63 and 1,250 square feet is about $0.60.

This makes sod quite a bit more affordable than many of the other things you can purchase from Home Depot, including carpet, plywood, or other types of wood.

If the area designated for sod is between 500 and 750 square feet, opting for a 750 square foot amount of sod will be cheaper per square foot. Leftover sod could be used in case mistakes are made, or if the landscaping plans change. 

Despite how much sod is left over, it must be used and cared for, or it will expire. This should influence how much sod is purchased because the more unused sod there is, the more money will be wasted! Consider talking to neighbors or friends about possible landscaping needs for your leftover sod.

In the landscaping industry, buying in large quantities can ensure greater profits. At $759 for 1,250 square feet, this amount of sod can be creatively used on multiple properties or projects that require sod. This is a better investment than buying 500 square feet at $449. But remember: sod must be used immediately to retain quality.

What Kind of Sod Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot sod is of the Harmony brand variety, which is a US brand that is based in Florida. This type of sod is available in three different varieties: one for normal residential use, one for areas that see less sunlight and more shade, and another for active, high-use areas like a recreational field or yard. Contact your local Home Depot to see which variety is available or right for your landscaping plans.

This type of sod has been specifically engineered for life in North America. It is resilient to colder climates and thrives in cooler seasons. It is a deep green to blue color. It requires about four to six hours of sunlight per day and needs medium watering after installation.

The price of Home Depot sod, compared to other retailers and brands, is significantly less because Harmony sod is developed for North American climate. Purchasing a sod type that is better for European lawns will increase the cost of sod in all areas, from purchase to installation and maintenance. 

Achieve the Best Results for Home Depot Sod

For best results from your Home Depot sod, install immediately. The cost of Home Depot sod changes depending on how soon installation begins. Unused sod will raise the cost. 

Be sure to install in a straight line along fences, driveways, patios, and flowerbeds. Use a staggered brick-like pattern while installing and ensure there is no overlap or gaps. 

Water the new lawn every day for the first week because if the roots dry out, the sod will die. After the first week, water every other day. Mowing is advised after 10 to 14 days but never remove more than a third of the grass at one time. Dry and muddy conditions are bad for the sod, while moisture is good.

The Home Depot sod needs to become soundly rooted in the ground before use. It is recommended that it should be mowed two to three times before heavy use, and fertilization—using starter and maintenance fertilizers—should begin after four weeks of laying the sod.

Home Depot Sod Not Available for Pickup? No Problem

While Harmony sod is available for purchase from Home Depot online, there may not be any available for pick up in-store. It is common for such large amounts of product to be shipped to the desired address, as with Christmas trees

The price of Home Depot sod might change depending on if free shipping is available. Check with your local Home Depot to see if free shipping is offered. Much like Ikea, Home Depot is used to shipping big and bulky items directly to buyers.

Being unavailable to purchase sod in-store might sound like an issue, but there are good reasons for this. The first is that much of the sod is fresh from the farm, delivered after harvesting, and needs to be installed immediately. Secondly, if purchased in-store, the weight of the sod will vary depending on how much moisture is retained in the roll of sod. 

If the buyer does not have a heavy-duty truck for a large order of sod, multiple trips might be required, which will mean a decrease in profits for time and gas spent. The quality of the sod, which will affect how much is Home Depot sod, might also suffer depending on the temperature and sunlight.