How to Cancel a Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot is a revolutionary hardware store that made a significant improvement in the retail industry, so it’s no wonder they always have new interested clients and old customers who want some kind of benefits for their loyalty. In case you are currently under a program that needs to be changed or simply want to get rid of it, you probably want to find out how to cancel a home depot credit card?

You can always cancel a Home Depot credit card by calling (866) 875-5488. However, failing to pay down the remaining balance before canceling your card will cause your overall score to decrease. Home Depot Credit Card has a $0 annual fee, which is why it can also be convenient to keep it open.

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 While keeping in mind that your cancellation can hurt your credit score, finding out how to cancel a credit card is one of the necessary steps, and I’ll explain the process in the following pages. You can always contact their customer support no matter the type of card and program you use. Depending on your current score, debts, or other options, you can make the choice that is most suitable for your current situation, needs, and budget. 

How to Cancel a Home Depot Credit Card – The Cancellation Isn’t Complicated

With over 2,300 stores in the US, Mexico, and Canada, you can easily become a member of the Home Depot family and enjoy many advantages. But what happens if you use these advantages only once and never again? It might be better for you to consider card cancellation.

This is a simple process, and the only requirement is to call their customer service on (866) 875-5488, request a cancellation, and discuss your current situation. They will inform you about the needed steps, and the whole process shouldn’t be complicated for you unless it hurts your credit score, so you end up paying some fees that were not part of your budget plan initially.

Types of Home Depot Credit Cards

There are different types of cards you can get, and each one of them is specifically made for different kinds of purposes:

  • Consumer Credit Card is good if you want to extend your budget for making various home repairs and improvements. You can get six months of Financing on purchases of $299 and more and sometimes even 24 months for special promotions. The limit on this card is based on creditworthiness. You can check if you pre-qualify for this without impacting your current score.
  • Project Loan Card gives you an opportunity to buy everything you need for your projects for six months (the period begins once the loan is approved.) You can get low and fixed monthly payments and flexible options for paying off your debt. These loans go up to $55,000 for material purchases and more.
  • Pro Extra Card is good if you want payment flexibility and low monthly payments. This one is optional for authorized card users.
  • Commercial Card is suitable for getting a 2% early-pay discount and offers various flexible billing options. Payment is due in full each month, and you get Buyer ID Cards.

Depending on the type of card, you can get any information you need and find out more details about the cancellation by calling some of the following numbers:

Types of Home Depot Credit CardsContact
Consumer Credit Card1-800-677-0232
Project Loan1-877-476-3860
Pro Xtra Credit Card1-800-685-6691
Commercial Credit Card1-800-395-7363

Once you contact one of the following numbers mentioned above, you can get more information about your current score, pending payment, and the way this cancellation might lead to some higher charges. If you already have an ongoing payment process, it is recommended that you pay off your debt until the six-month period expires. Avoid paying your whole bill at the full price if you already have the card while buying materials for your current home project.

Is it Worth Getting a Home Depot Credit Card?

There is something you should consider about getting this card before making any final decisions. This card can be worth getting in case you’re planning some kind of big project at your home. The best part about getting it is that it comes with a 0% annual fee while offering 0% interest for new purchases. This means that you can actually save some money on interest if you’re planning some new purchases.

The negative side is that you can use this card only at the Home Depot, and it has an above-average APR. It is about 17,99% – 26,99% depending on your creditworthiness. This doesn’t make it ideal for everyday use – it is more suitable for bigger projects. The card has a deferred interest payment plan meaning you can get something from the store with 0% interest between 6 and 12 months, but you can’t miss any payment. In case you do miss it, this interest will be retroactively applied to the original purchase bill, meaning it will be like there was no intro APR at the beginning at all.

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You Should Know How to Cancel a Home Depot Card to Avoid Some Unnecessary Overpayments

Let’s get the final disclosure: The Home Depot Credit Card is the best option for low-cost improvement of your credit and for financing various kinds of projects. Unlike some other store cards, Home Depot isn’t offering ongoing rewards. It offers a 0% introductory interest rate, and that’s applied to 6 months for payments of at least $299.

This seems very convenient, but in case you leave even a $1 unpaid by the end of that period, you’ll be charged retroactively by adding the high rate to your entire purchase. This is the main reason some people decide to cancel this card.