How to Check Gift Card Balance at Home Depot

If you’re planning on renovating some part of your home, then you should consider visiting Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement stores in the country. Since having their gift card is more than convenient for larger purchases, it’s sure good to know how to check the gift card balance at Home Depot. Don’t let your money go to waste because you’re not sure what exactly are the steps you have to take.

You can easily check your gift card balance at Home Depot by simply going on their website, calling customer support, or going to the nearest Home Depot store. Each method is super easy, so you just need to decide which one suits you best.

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If you want to know more about each of the three methods for checking the balance on your Home Depot gift card, keep reading. I’ll show you what I found out.

How to Check Gift Card Balance at Home Depot – There Are Three Possible Ways

Maintaining and checking your Home Depot gift card balance won’t be a challenging process. On the contrary, you can choose from the three most suitable methods. Check each one of them and decide which one will be the more efficient for you.

OnlineStep 1 – go to the Home Depot website
Step 2 – choose the Gift cards tab
Step 3 – Pick the Check gift card balance
Step 4 – Insert the PIN (four-digit code) and a card number
In-storeGo to the nearest Home Depot store and have the gift card with you. The sales assistant will use the card’s details and let you know what’s the remaining amount left.
PhoneIf checking online or visiting the nearest store isn’t the option, you can still call customer support at (800) 466-3337. The customer representative will ask for the gift card number, and you’ll know how much money you have on a card in no time.

Know All the Terms and Conditions Before Getting a Home Depot Gift Card

Before getting to the actual methods for checking a balance on your Home Depot gift card, you should be aware of the fact that it’s not personalized. This is important because other people can use it. The reason is quite simple – identity confirmation isn’t needed when the purchase is made.

A Home Depot gift card is a great idea if you want to make it a present for family members or friends. And if they are into home decor and love DIY projects, you shouldn’t have second thoughts. It’s also a good solution for the present because the card can be electronic or physical – depending on what you or the person you’re giving it to prefer – in-store or online shopping.

However, the important thing is to know that this card isn’t a debit or credit card, so you cannot redeem cash. Instead, the leftover funds can be used only as store credit. The loan payments aren’t possible with this gift card, and you can’t use it as a tool rental deposit either. But since you still can use it for other purchases, you need to be able to check the balance left on your card.

Can a Home Depot Gift Card Expire?

If you’re not sure whether Home Depot cards can expire, you have nothing to worry about. There is no expiration date, no matter if you’re using an eGift card as a physical one. This allows you to shop in one of the biggest home improvement retailers in the world without any additional fees for carrying a balance. The great thing about it, actually, is that the value on this gift card is precisely what the amount is on the card.

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How Can You Add More Funds to a Gift Card?

One of many reasons Home Depot is legit is precisely its gift card policy. Unlike many other gift cards, this one can be reloaded, no matter the balance. In other words, your card won’t be voided when reaching $0, but you can add funds whenever you like. Adding money can be done in two ways: online by going on the official Home Depot website and then to the Gift cards tab and continuing following prompts.

Another way is going to the store and letting the sales assistant do it for you. To add funds, you can use either a Visa debit/credit card or cash (depending on the method you’re doing it – online or in-person). Once this is done, make sure you check the balance and whether the gift card is ready to be used for your next purchase at Home Depot.

What Should You Do With a Used Card?

OK, you can easily add some funds if you want to your Home Depot gift card, but what to do if you have some balance left but don’t want to throw it away. Or you just don’t want to add any more funds and spend it on some item you don’t really need. So, what options do you have? Check some of the following ideas:

  • Exchange it for another one – some websites allow you to exchange your existing gift card for another retailer card with the same or similar value.
  • Sell the card – find the nearest vending machine and sell your card.
  • Give it away – surprise your loved one and give away your Home Depot gift card to someone who is planning to remodel the place or do a DIY project any time soon.

Can You Restore Cash From Home Depot Gift Cards?

Unless you’re living in a state with a different return policy law, you can’t return gift cards from Home Depot for cash. However, eleven US states have a law that obligates companies to transfer cash to their customers when they want to return gift cards. Still, keep in mind that the balance remaining on the gift card plays a big role in these occasions, and below, you’ll see the limitations and states that have adopted cash back policy.

StatesMaximum Balance Remaining
New Jersey$5
Rhode Island$1

Know the Balance on Your Gift Card and Buy Effortlessly at Home Depot

When you have a Home Depot gift card, know that checking the remaining balance is easier than ever. You can pick one of three methods that will suit you the most. I personally prefer the online method because it’s fast and reliable (not to mention the user-friendly Home Depot website). With all the options available, you’ll never have to worry about leaving any money unspent ever again.