How to Quit Home Depot

Home Depot has proven to be a desirable employer that provides its workers with various jobs, as well as opportunities to learn and grow. But if you have decided to leave, how to quit Home Depot and stick to their policies at the same time?

So, how to quit Home Depot? HD requires all employees to provide them with a two weeks notice (at least) before they quit working. These terms can be negotiated with the manager of the store they work in, and in the end, the company will clear any leftover payments on schedule. Employees are also expected to write a resignation letter and send it both to the manager and to the HR department, as well.

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Being professional in the workplace is really important, and you should continue to act in such a manner even when you want to resign. So before you grab a better career opportunity that was thrown in your way, let me explain a thing or two about Home Depot’s quitting policy and how to stick to it.

How to Quit Home Depot and Stay Professional at the Same Time

Home Depot is not only a desirable place to shop for household necessities, it’s also an employer many like to work for. Even though there are many benefits that working there brings, especially experience-wise, you may decide to leave them and find a job somewhere else. So before you resign, you should know how to quit while sticking to their policy. It’s important to do so, so you can leave in an appropriate and professional manner.

Quitting this company takes several simple steps. If you are an associate that wishes to resign, you are required to notify the store manager and give them a two weeks notice. The period is negotiable, but you’ll have to see it with your manager. You are also expected to write a resignation letter and provide one copy to the manager, and the other to the HR department.

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Am I Required to Give Notice Before Quitting?

Although the period of the notice is negotiable with the store managers, leaving on good terms is only possible when employees who plan to quit their position give a two weeks notice. This is applicable both for full-time staff, and part-time workers as well. The first step, however, is to approach your manager and talk to them, before you take the next step towards leaving.

But What if I Give an Immediate Resignation?

If you, for any reason, simply decide to start skipping work, you won’t be able to get a positive reference from your ex-manager if you should need one in the future. But there are, of course, some exceptions. This company will honor an immediate resignation from an employee that has encountered a serious occurrence in their personal life. If you are required to take care of a person with disabilities or other vulnerabilities, you will be allowed to quit without notice. Serious impacts on your health are also included, as well as bereavement.

How to Prepare a Resignation Letter

Before you can negotiate the notice period and quit, it is expected that you prepare and send a letter of resignation. It should contain the following:

  • The date of the letter,
  • Clearly stated reason for leaving the company,
  • The final date you’ll be appearing at the workplace,
  • The signature at the end.

It should also contain some form of gratification if you are aiming to leave the company in a positive manner. The letter can be written with a pen on paper, or you could send an email both to HR and the manager.

Answers to Additional Questions Regarding the Company’s Policy for Quitting

I’ve already mentioned that you may negotiate the notice period with your store manager. However, the period will mostly depend on whether the store has sufficient staff and whether you are quitting in a less busy period of the year. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with the manager, you can always contact the company’s HR department directly.

Also, you should remember that you are expected to do several things on your final day. One of them is that you might be required to sign a document on leaving, and the other is that you should give back any company-owned resources you have used at your workplace.

Does the Company Accept a Paid Vacation Request Before I Quit?

Although some things are guaranteed, such as a due outstanding pay that you will receive on a regular payday, other things are not. A manager may turn down a request for a paid vacation if you have started the notice period. But, as I’ve stated earlier, you are in bereavement, you can claim paid bereavement leave. To be eligible for this type of leave, you should be a store employee for more than 90 days. Additionally, you are entitled to sick leave, too.

Can I Reapply for a Position Within Home Depot?

Home Depot is a good company to work for, and you may change your mind about leaving at some point. However, rehiring will be dependent on the quitting terms:

Quitting termsRehiring process
Left on good termsYou may need to go through a waiting period of several months.
Fired by the companyFired ex-employees should wait a period that could last from six months to two years before they reapply.
Additionally, your rehirement may also depend on your reputation as an employee, as well the reason behind the decision to resign.

Depending on Your Behavior at Workplace, Your Contract May Be Terminated

As with many other enterprises, this company holds some obligations on which your contract may be terminated. These include misconduct while the shift lasts, abuse of drugs and alcohol while at work, redundancy, and any type of abuse, harassment, or discrimination against colleagues or customers.

The company also has a Code of Conduct policy, and opposing it may lead to being fired. If you were involved in theft or have allowed it, you will be laid off. Depending on the severity of the occurrence in the workplace, the company may ask you to leave immediately.