Is Home Depot Wood Treated?

If you decide to take the leap and realize some of the home projects you’ve been planning, it’s important to get all the necessary materials. Of course, it all depends on the project, but if you’re thinking about remodeling fences or decks, it’s safe to assume Home Depot will have all the supplies you need. However, before you order, you should definitely get to know the material you’ll work with. With that in mind- is Home Depot wood treated?

Home Depot wood is pressure-treated with active ingredients like MCA, ACQ, and CA that react with the wood fibers. This process gives the wood improved features like slower decay and resistance to fungus, termites, and moisture. In the Home Depot, you can also find ground-contact and above-ground pressure-treated wood.

Brown lumber

I found out a lot of interesting facts about treated wood at Home Depot. Check them out if you wish to know which type will suit you and your project the best.

Is Home Depot Wood Treated

If you need a highly-resistant material for some of your projects, then pressure-treated wood is the right choice. Not only because it looks good, but also because it will last for many years. And the first place where you can buy it is the Home Depot. After all, not only is Home Depot legit, but it’s the largest home improvement retailer in the country.

So, when you know that wood is treated in Home Depot, you should know a bit more about why this material is the best for your DIY projects. For starters, it will remain beautiful and resistant to outdoor conditions. This is because this wood is made by using high pressure to combine preservative agents with natural ingredients in the wood. These active ingredients are copper azole, micronized copper azole, and alkaline copper quaternary. As a result of this whole process, we get the resistant material.

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What Types of Pressure-Treated Wood You Can Find at Home Depot

If you’re a regular shopper at Home Depot, and now you need pressure-treated lumber, then it’s a great opportunity to use their card. And you surely know that the Home Depot card is a credit card. That way, you can figure out whether this store is expensive or not and will a bigger project like buying lumber pay up.

Before you choose the right-treated wood from Home Depot, know you’ll be able to choose from two types of this material. The first one is above-ground with the following features:

  • It can be used only when the wood has adequate drainage and ventilation,
  • It is ideal for easily replaced or maintained applications,
  • It can’t be combined with applications that are less than six inches from the ground.

The second type is ground-contact material. Check its features:

  • It can be used above or in contact with the ground,
  • It can be used when lumber has poor ventilation or is less than six inches from the ground,
  • It has two levels of protection, compared to the above-ground,
  • It has to be used when working with wood that is more difficult to replace or maintain.

Explore the Benefits of This Kind of Wood

Among many advantages treated wood had, from affordability, ease to repair, versatility, insect repellency, durability is probably the most important one. Also, it’s a natural material made from wood, and it’s also environmentally friendly because it’s made from pine – the fastest growing tree.

When it comes to the treated wood at Home Depot, know that you can find a wide range of prices and qualities. Check some of the best-sell materials and their prices.

Treated woodPrice
8 ft. #2 Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Lumber$9.68
8 ft. Premium Pressure-Treated Lumber$13.28
8 ft. #2 Prime Pressure-Treated Lumber$43.38
16 ft. #2 Prime or Better Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Lumber$59.38
16 ft. #1 Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Lumber$41.28

What Can You Use Pressure-Treated Wood for?

When you’re doing your own home project, know there’s a building code that practically dictates in which situations the treated wood can be used. Those situations are usually when there’s a risk of extreme moisture.

So, if you want to use any kind of wood outdoors, know it’s better to be pressure-treated. For example, interior details don’t need the same treatment level as fences and decks. That’s why indoor furniture or cabinets won’t need pressure-treated wood. So, here are some situations where wood comes in direct contact with moisture or something that could supply it:

  • Decking – it will extend the wooden walkways’, accessibility ramps’ and different outdoor structures’ longevity.
  • Retaining walls – their function is to maintain and hold back the soil.
  • Lumber in contact with concrete – masonry uses many porous materials that help moisture pass through easier.
  • Beams and posts in contact with the ground –  for constructions that are placed underground.

In the video below, you can find some great ideas on how to use this material.

Take Some Precautions When Working With Pressure-Treated Lumber

When you’re dealing with materials like pressure-treated lumber, you should take some additional steps. Ensure you’re using protective gloves if you plan on cutting or painting the lumber. Also, ensure your skin is protected when using this type of lumber because the chemicals could cause severe reactions. Working with it will give you the best possible results.

Get the Best Treated Wood From Home Depot

If you’re looking for a durable and versatile material for your outdoor projects, know that pressure-treated lumber from Home Depot is the best solution for you. Not only because you can find lumber with different thicknesses, different colors, and prices, but also because you’ll find the best quality products. The homeowners can rest assured that this material will last, and their outdoor design will be just as they imagined and successful.