Is IKEA Delivery Expensive?

In the era of Amazon Prime free delivery, IKEA’s delivery costs can seem oddly expensive at first blush. However, when you consider the costs and inconvenience of the delivery alternatives, plus IKEA’s low product pricing, you might find the delivery price seems reasonable.

So is Ikea delivery expensive? Ikea’s delivery is not expensive. Although not free, you’ll find that IKEA’s delivery charges are reasonable, and you can still save money at IKEA online if you plan your purchases wisely.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at IKEA’s delivery pricing and alternatives you can consider in order to stretch your budget.

Is IKEA Delivery Expensive?

You’ve found the perfect item on IKEA’s website and you’re ready to check out. You assumed that delivery would be included, as Amazon has offered for years now. Instead, the IKEA website is asking for your zip code in order to calculate your delivery charges. 

Let’s take a close look at IKEA’s delivery charge decision tree and what options make sense for your purchase.

  1. Is there an IKEA store close to you for pick-up at the store, or is delivery your only option?
  • if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, IKEA’s paid delivery service may not be able to handle your order
  • if there isn’t an IKEA in your state, it is still possible to receive IKEA delivery (although it will cost you more, see the chart below)
  1. Do you have transportation available to pick up your items if there is an IKEA store within driving distance? Do the costs involved in such DIY cartage arrangements make sense, given IKEA’s proposed delivery charge?
  2. Will you be buying more things from IKEA over the coming weeks or months? If so, you might want to do some “batch shopping,” as there are delivery pricing advantages

IKEA’s delivery charges depend on the following factors:

  • Weight and dimensions of the items purchased 
  • Location of delivery site, relative to IKEA warehouse location
  • Labor involved in delivery 
MethodIntended ForPrice
Customer pick-upOnline shopping, in-store pick-upFree (sometimes a $5 charge which is compensated, at pick-up, with a $5 IKEA gift card for later use)
Parcel deliveryContactless delivery, no signature required, small purchasesAs little as $5
Doorstep deliveryContactless delivery, no signature required, for larger itemsCapped at $49 for urban areas close to an IKEA store, for medium-sized purchases
In-Home deliveryDelivered to the home’s entryway (some exceptions for very large items which are room-delivered), pre-planned delivery day/timeCapped at $349, for out-of-state and large item deliveries
Expedited deliverySame-day or next-day service, depending on areaAdditional charge starting at $69
Delivery with stairs or with furniture assembly servicesFor delivery to the interior of a building and/or labor on-site to assemble furnitureAdditional charges according to details of delivery/items

How to Save on IKEA Delivery Costs

If delivery fees have got you down, think of these money-saving ideas to shave dollars off your IKEA bill:

  • Make several purchases at one time (the delivery fee is capped regardless of the number of items, so the more you buy, the further your delivery expense stretches)
  • Arrange for “Click and Collect” service when you order online, so you can easily stop by the closest IKEA store to pick up your items when the timing suits you
  • Try ordering small items on Amazon (look for IKEA in your Amazon search); within certain parameters, Amazon delivery is included in the price
  • Watch for online, IKEA delivery coupons and the occasional (very rare) IKEA free delivery promotions

Have You Considered Everything?

One thing to remember is that IKEA’s business model builds in lowered delivery expenses through “flat-pack” shipping. This means that items are easy for you to pick up with your own vehicle and are economically packed if a third-party shipper is required.

Although IKEA outsources their delivery, they are happy to go the extra mile. Furniture assembly service can be arranged through IKEA and TaskRabbit. Old furniture pick-up and disposal can be coordinated with IKEA’s delivery department when you book your new furniture’s delivery.

IKEA build its worldwide success on affordable prices, so delivery and assembly “perks” are borne by the customer, not IKEA. It’s also important to remember that IKEA considers its retail stores a destination to enjoy, with added amenities to keep shoppers engaged for long stays. IKEA’s delivery options, although not free, are certainly reflective of the IKEA emphasis on value and customer service.