What Credit Score Do You Need for Home Depot?

If you’re a regular customer at Home Depot, you might have thought about getting their credit card. In that case, you’re probably wondering – what credit score do you need for Home Depot? Besides the low pricing, customers using this card will have an amazing chance for many benefits and awesome sales on numerous pieces from their assortment. So, do some research and buy your favorite stuff like a pro.

You need at least a 640 credit score to apply for a Home Depot credit card. In the US, the TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax credit bureaus are used in order to check the customer’s eligibility for a store credit card application. Their system automatically selects one of the credit unions and passes the credit to your card.

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Read on if you want to know more about Home Depot’s credit score requirements. You’ll certainly appreciate all the information I’ve managed to gather.

Know What Credit Score Do You Need for Home Depot and What Are the Requirements

If you’re a new shopper but want to know how everything works, you need to do some research first. Don’t think it’s something only the economist would understand. On the contrary, all you have to do is know some basic stuff and shop as any other shopper would. So, check the following requirements and get a Home Depot card and all the benefits that come with it.

  • Age – the potential client has to be 18 years old, at the least. If you’re not 21 yet, ensure you have a co-signer or proof of independent income.
  • Residency – the residency address has to be US.
  • Basic info – you’ll have to provide a full name, phone number, address, birth date, and Social Security Number.
  • Financial info – residence status (whether you’re renting or owning), the annual net income, and monthly expenses for a mortgage payment or rent.
  • Credit score – the minimum is between 640 and 699 points, which is known as fair credit.

What Types of Store Credit Cards Are There?

If you’re thinking about applying for store credit cars, know that with Home Depot, it’s more than possible. In fact, it’s quite an easy thing to do as a customer, as you just need to apply for it. However, one of the most important things is to know what cards are available for you as a customer. So, when you fulfill all the requirements, apply for the following cards (whether you do it online throughout the Home Depot.com or at the nearest store physically:

  • The Project Loan Card,
  • The Commercial Revolving Charge Card,
  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card,
  • The Commercial Account Card.

How to Get Home Depot’s Credit Card?

Many stores have the same credit card payment possibilities, but Home Depot is surely different for one thing – the instant approval process. If you’re applying online, consider it done in no time. However, the same thing stands for in-store applications. In some rare cases, there could be a 14-day delay.

So, all you need to do is go to their official website or in the nearest store and request their credit card. After that, you’ll get a card via email or mail. However, if some of the requirements aren’t fulfilled, you might get the rejection email two weeks after the application submission.

What Bureau Does Home Depot Use?

The store credit card customers are offered at Home Depot goes through Citi. It provides Home Depot’s customers with approvals and also certain financing offers. But, when it comes to the bureaus themselves, know that Home Depot is primarily covered by TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. These bureaus check the eligibility of the applications customers send for the store credit cards. Also, be aware that Home Depot has an automated system that selects one of the credit unions and will pass the credit check when the application is finished.

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Is There a Hard Credit Check at Home Depot?

Home Depot does a hard credit check of all applicants for one simple reason –  they have to make sure all the potential approved applicants are actually eligible and have the minimum required score. As already mentioned, you’ll have to provide your personal information and Social Security number in order to enable the bureau to fulfill your status.

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Enjoy All the Perks of This Store Credit Card

Depending on usage, the APR rate will annually scale. However, Home Depot credit cards have an initial interest rate of 0%. This is one of the biggest benefits, especially if you’re planning some bigger projects at your home (like remodeling a bathroom, for example).

Know that this card can be used only at Home Depot, but there are numerous benefits you can get for using it, whether you pick the customer or loan project card option. Check why you should pick one of these cards and what each of their benefits are.

Consumer CardLoan Card
BenefitsNo annual fee, special financial opportunities – 0% financing, extended return policy.Lower rate financing, the customer has six months to wrap around more than one purchase.
Reasons to get itBuying something big and more expensive at Home Depot.If you have a large home project.

Have a High Enough Score and Get Successfully Approved

If you’re thinking of becoming an applicant for a Home Depot credit card, know it’s not just two clicks away. You still need to provide them with your personal info and then see if you’re eligible for it. However, don’t let this stop you from enjoying all the benefits this card can bring you. Whether you’re into remodeling bigger spaces or not, ensure your credit score is higher than 640 and shop like a pro at Home Depot.