Does Home Depot Install Flooring?

When your flooring needs replacing, the type of flooring you choose is a significant decision. Equally important is who will install the product or if you will do it yourself.

Having a professional install your new flooring can give you peace of mind, as well as considerable savings.

Does Home Depot install flooring? Home Depot offers full flooring installation services. Home Depot’s flooring installing service includes punctual product delivery and disposal of old flooring materials through its installation contractors.

Install Flooring

Home Depot offers a full selection of flooring products, whether you are replacing carpet or installing hardwood. From artisanal kitchen tile to utilitarian, durable painted workshop floors, Home Depot’s provision of high-quality installation takes the guesswork out of a significant home or office renovation project.

Let’s take a closer look at the flooring options available to you through your local Home Depot. Let’s discuss the advantages of arranging professional installation and the option of doing the job yourself.

Flooring Decisions

When planning your floor covering renovation project, there are several key considerations:

  • Size of flooring area
  • Type and cost of flooring product
  • Labor and installation arrangements

The exciting part of any renovation project is the early-stage selection of new looks, colors, textures and aesthetic options. For home, office and utility workspace alternatives, you will want to consider the following choices:

  • Tile
  • Hardwood, engineered wood or laminate
  • Vinyl or linoleum
  • Carpet

Don’t forget the other significant decisions you should think about:

  • Ongoing floor maintenance requirements, including cleaning and waterproofing needs
  • Slip resistance requirements (this might include municipal building code requirements)
  • Potential of harsh-use damage (including stain resistance options)

There are specialty considerations as well:

  • Potentially awkward delivery or installation logistics
  • Allergy issues for occupants
  • Pet-friendly options

The Hidden Features of Quality

Quality flooring installation requires preparation of the surface supporting the flooring.

What is underneath your chosen flooring product is as important as the appearance of the finished job. Having a floor leveled is essential for tile, hardwood and laminate options and will certainly affect the quality and appearance of your carpeted and painted floor surfaces as well. 

Purchasing and installing appropriate underlay, whether for hardwood, laminate or carpeted surfaces, is also an essential consideration.

Painted surfaces provide easy-to-clean shop and garage surfaces, but attention should be given to the quality of the paint and the number of coats, including sealant coatings. The concrete or plywood surface should also be properly prepared (leveling, smoothing, sanding, filling, etc.) before painting.

All of these pre and post-installation considerations should weigh into your decision regarding labor arrangements for your flooring installation.

DIY can seem like an economical option, but the complexity of the job tasks, the estimation for product quantity calculations and the lack of craftsman knowledge for cutting/sizing can all make DIY an expensive and time-consuming learning project if one isn’t careful.

Let’s look at the potential cost-savings of hiring a flooring professional to install your new look.

Can Hiring a Professional Save Money?

Consider the following factors involved in your upcoming flooring installation:

  • Technical know-how
  • Time involvement
  • Completion details

Home Depot’s in-store flooring experts can advise on product pricing and approximate estimates for the rough dimensions of your flooring project, but it is a trusted flooring professional who will be able to provide the exact product quantity needed, based on square footage measurements.

With purchasing variables such as unit size (ie. tiling, hardwood or laminate) or roll width (carpet or vinyl), a professional’s experience provides the mathematical skills to calculate appropriate material quantities without waste.

For DIY’ers, excess material purchases are essential, as cutting errors and calculation mistakes should be factored in. In fact, there should also be forethought given to the difficult task of trying to match color lots later, should errors in execution occur and fixes be necessary.

Sometimes, matching a dye lot after the error has been made is impossible, regardless of the supplier’s desire to assist the DIY homeowner.

Can Hiring a Professional Save Money?

One thing that common wisdom tells us is that the amount of time it will take the homeowner to install their own flooring is excessively greater than a professional will need.

Professional installers arrive and work throughout the day at their experienced pace, meaning that the project duration is shortened. A project which a professional can do during business hours (ie. when your home isn’t in busy use which reduces inconvenience) over consecutive days might take a DIY’er many weekends of uncomfortable and error-prone work. 

There are also options, when purchasing all-inclusive installation from a known retailer, for financing your flooring project. Depending on your family’s circumstances, this can be wise expense planning that will allow for staggered payments over the life of the installation.

Let’s talk more about the “extra expenses” that should be considered yet are often overlooked when pricing a flooring project.

Project Completion Details

Often, the smaller issues become large problems when a professional contractor isn’t involved in a flooring project’s coordination.

Where will the old flooring go, once removed, and who will haul it? Is there an environmentally friendly retro-use option for disposal? Who will negotiate a reasonable price from disposal sub-contractors?

A knowledgeable flooring contractor, arranged directly through your installation purchase at Home Depot, will be able to take care of all of these arrangements and more.

They will also coordinate furniture movement and replacement, pre and post-installation. They will have appropriate sub-contractors within their trusted network, in order to provide finish carpentry services, grouting and other specialty tasks.

Importantly, using a flooring professional arranged through Home Depot means you receive the reassurance of professional guarantees, backed by the stability and promise of the Home Depot brand. Peace of mind and professional quality — that’s the recipe for sweat-free flooring installation. 

We know your choices are many when it comes to the replacement of your home’s flooring. Renovations are an exciting time of renewed looks, new textures and fresh starts.

Doing it yourself can seem like a tempting way to cut costs. But professional flooring installation will be the long-run winner for a purchase that will provide years of use and beauty.